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So basically,  this is all too much. I dont know what to do with myself. I feel shakey, disorientated and sick to my stomach so much of the time. I'm far away from home, in a place that is loud and intrusive. When people incade my space, I want to scream. Worst of all, im terrified of being discovered.  Nobody here knows that what im dealing with is a diagnosis and im terrified of snapping and being exposed as an anxiety sufferer and being misunderstood. I have all these fears and siclly feelings that I deal with every day and I dont know what to do. Help. Im terrified that ill snap and that I'll do something incredibly stupid and ruin my life while I'm over here. I feel that I have come close. I have annoyed and overwhelmed others with my emotions. I'm really scared now that I may blow it completely.

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  • Comment Link jndoles Friday, 27 February 2015 11:19 posted by jndoles

    After commenting on your post, I read more posts, it really upset me when I read one person's experience with this "Monster". MONSTER... I've been up since 3 am, commented on your post, then read the Monster post, then really started trembling, tingling in my hands, short breathes, detached feeling. I did my breathing, wrote out how I feel, then what was real... it took awhile, but now I am back to being ok for the MOST part. Not perfect, but OK. WE will get thru these times. There is no MONSTER, it's just our brains are producing adrenaline, inappropriately, then not following up with the right amount of serotonine and endorphine, but thru cognitive behavior excersize and COMPLETING the course, and/or meds, we WILL have normal periods as well. I'm 50, I've had some down times, but MOSTLY, anxiety is just a hicuup. HANG IN THERE and breathe, write things down, and get a good support group of 2-3 people who can talk with you, but then TALK TO YOURSELF about what's real and what is feared.

  • Comment Link jndoles Friday, 27 February 2015 10:02 posted by jndoles

    If you haven't tried the breathing technique, do so now. If you have, skip to the next paragraph...if you have never tried the breathing technique, here's how: Close your eyes or stare at one object and then, Breathe slowly in thru your nose (mouth if you have to) and breath out your mouth, SLOWLY and DEEPLY. On your first breath in, even if there is noise or people in the area, just imagine you are walking slowly by a slow moving brook. Breathe in SLOW and Breathe out SLOW ten times. This may be hard, but you CAN do this. Breathe ten times imagining you are walking by a brook. While you're mind is swirling, allow yourself not to beat yourself up, JUST BREATHE and imagine.
    If you've done breathing and you skipped and are now reading this paragraph, STILL breath slowly. Now, WRITE DOWN what IS REAL and WHAT IS NOT REAL. Write down what you see and how it makes you FEEL. Then write out the reality of how it can harm you. Write down "it is noisy in here", "My space is invaded, and it makes me nervous, uncomfortable, etc." then write down what is not real "this noise CANNOT hurt me, it just makes me feel jittery" write down "these people in my space mean no harm, they are just working, partying, whatever" and then RESOLVE the difference in FEELING and FACT. The FACT is you are NOT GOING CRAZY, you are simply uncomfortable. People may be annoyed with your emotions , but they aren't your judge, they have problems too. Sort out feelings from fact. THEN BREATHE SLOW AGAIN, you will find some relief. Get into cognitive behavior asap. If your body needs excersize, guess what, WE ANXIETY endurers need mental excersise to REMEMBER HOW TO RELAX AND PROCESS ANXIOUS THOUGHTS.

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!


Support us By Shoping at Amazon


We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!