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Sunday, 13 January 2013 12:43

Be An Active Patient

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Is medication the only way to deal with anxiety?

What we all need is to understand that medication is an aid to recovery.  It’s a shame that long term sufferers are not given better help to overcome their illness. While every case is different and some more traumatic in how the illness has developed or evolved, there is always a way to help.

The human mind is a powerful tool and is underestimated in its ability to heal and recover as so much of it is used needlessly in sustaining thought patterns and functions that are detrimental. This has long been documented that the human brain operates in this way to adapt to survive. When we are a child and learning it is a regular occurrence- don’t touch that it’s hot, yet a child will out of curiosity and the need to learn ignore warning, but, the pain felt registers in the brain- don’t touch that it’s hot and will hurt.

As an adult we form self education we develop the ability to create opinion and apply it. However, this means we stop wishing to learn as we believe we have made all the right risk assessments and no longer need to learn. We know now not to touch a hot stove; we understand to look both ways when crossing the road. We don’t however always apply this when it comes to our health. We like to be told by people who did carry on learning what is best.

Every medication is different, and interacts with other medications in a different way- the developments in medicine are amazing. In Chemistry lessons I bet we all thought I don’t care about this mixing with that I will never need to know. Wrong.

Sometimes learning is more empowering than you think- not boring and overwhelming but gratifying and life-changing.

I have personally swapped medications 3 times and relied on the doctors thoughts on my side effects each time when I could have just read the instructions or gone online to do my own independent research.

Anxiety related illness is often treated by depression medications- depression is a product of the anxiety often this is why the two are linked. Initial diagnosis is often that a person is depressed and then when we go deeper we find the root cause although a traumatic event or series of events usually exacerbated by behaviours displayed in anxiety sufferers. Panic Attacks may not always happen regularly and so as a one off are often put down to stress.

I have personally swapped medication three times, and now on ‘Sertraline’ which has been proven although an anti depressant to aid anxiety suffers more effectively and with less side effects than other drugs.

This is true certainly of many people I have spoken with but all cases are based on medical fitness (other medical conditions) and mental state/severity of problem.

The most important thing about Medication treatment of Anxiety Disorders, or Depression is research.

You have to help yourself, be an active patient- ask questions; don’t just jump on a bandwagon because its trending CBT is not for everyone the same way medication is not, but you must find out! A doctor can not know how you are feeling just by looking at you- because you are physically upset does not necessarily mean that you need medication.

Tips for getting through your journey:

1.Write things down! Whether it be how you feel on new meds, reaction to situations or a Journal- it may help you and your doctor in your treatment.

 2.Consider talking to someone- it is always when you are ready too – ASN is a great outlet available that means you can have facelessbut find out about how to get free counselling non evasive is out there, see if your work offers a service- Google it!

3.Ask questions- Knowledge is power and with that power great things can be achieved.

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  • Comment Link Lindsay Khalifa Sunday, 24 February 2013 17:02 posted by Lindsay Khalifa

    I was prescriped trazadone for insomnia and depression and atenolol for palpertations etc, i was too scared to take either of them for fear of making me worse! i use alot of herbal remedies write down my thoiughts and feelings and read self help books still dont feel my old self and keep having random episodes but at the same time i dont feel half of the fear and pain i did before so im kinda glad i went with my gut feeling.

  • Comment Link Susan smith Sunday, 13 January 2013 21:52 posted by Susan smith

    I've had really bad luck wth medication and side effects, won't go into detail because I don't want yo put anyone off meds, I'm just w one of the few that gets this, Docs refuse to give me antidepressants, I rely on propanalol to gel with my panic attacks, sometimes I get so jealous of people that can have it.

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!


Support us By Shoping at Amazon


We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!