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Rob Hyden

Rob Hyden

My name is Rob and I suffer from high blood pressure with extreme anxiety and crippling panic attacks. I have tried the gauntlet of medications with horrific side effects and dangerously irrational behavior. It doesn't leave a lot of options but I do the best I can.
Saturday, 31 August 2013 20:31

Hyden In Pain

Hyden in pain is my poetry website *painful poems for a painful soul*. My poems speak to many people suffering with anxiety and panic like myself and lets them know their not alone.                

Saturday, 10 August 2013 21:01

Anxiety is a side effect of evolution

Anxiety is a side effect of evolution and population growth. When you factor in all the pollution and chemicals we are exposed to every day for the last 100 years you know there has to be side effects. We have become such a high stress, over consuming, law infused society it has caused a psychological side effect of anxiety and panic at an alarming rate. Anxiety has only been recognized as an illness in the last 30 years and now there is any where from 15% to 35%  of the population effected by it depending on who you believe

 I am seeing younger and younger people suffering from anxiety,  I think Health departments and community agencies need to get a head of this future epidemic by recognizing the signs and instilling positive stimulation from a very young age and stop treating this illness in the doctors offices with medication. Schools are already a form of group therapy, they go to school to learn and improve their lives. Having basic psychological education programs added into school curriculum may help prepare kids to handle today's stressful society and teach them self control.

This is an illness that can be treated and controlled without drugs and the endless lists of side effects. Psychological treatment can be administered at a very young age without any side effects while building self confidence to help deal with stressful situations throughout life. Health Departments need to think of the big picture and not the individual treatment solution. Early prevention and treatment could save billions in health cost as well as millions of hours of employment down time every year.

Please feel free to expand on any ideas opinions or thoughts members may have for preventing or decreasing anxiety and panic for our future generations

Rob Hyden in plain sight


Saturday, 03 August 2013 05:20

The Anxiety Curse

Anxiety is a form of mental mind corruption, an uneasy feeling in your head like a confusing interuption.

Hiding in the background until the time is right,  just below the surface but always out of sight.

Has no thoughts of gender or fueled by your race, It effects you in an instant then gone without a trace.

There is no easy fix or potion you can take, people think your crazy or think your just a fake

Holding back your feelings will only make it worse, these are all the symptoms for the social anxiety curse.


Tuesday, 02 July 2013 22:01

Hyden in plain sight

 How I picked my handle sitting alone one night

I picked the name carefully meaning Rob Hyden in plain sight

Easy to remember if you ever have to try

The only thing to remember is I spell it with a Y

Sunday, 30 June 2013 05:29

Art therapy

Expressing thoughts, ideas and feelings through artistic therapy has created many artists, and captured important moments, achievments and gaols throughout their lives..

Art therapy can help everything from maintaining a level balance, clear focus.and positive attitude. Or it can be extensive therapy for a manic enhanced episode of artistic creation. Art therapy gives the artist a format to express their thoughts and feelings and help manage ADD, OCD, stress,panic,.deppresion, and many other inflictions..

You do not need to be artistic to benifit from art therapy It's simply a method of expressing feeling and thoughts in a creative format, this can be anything writting, singing, drawing, designing, or anything to help you focus and maintain a healthy life style.

Try it you might like it


Saturday, 29 June 2013 21:14

My daily challenge

I relaxed my thoughts refreshed my mood and try to clear my mind.

This is my ritual preparing for battle against the Anxiety grind

The wave of stress and the smell of panic greets me at the door

I take a deep breath and focus my thoughts and bravely enter the store.

I begin to rhyme and create some lyrics and keep my panic chained

My thoughts are deep my focus is strong  my Anxiety is restrained

I took on the challenge, conquered my fears and won the battle today

I'm doing much better, feeling much stronger and  refuse to run away

Tomorrow is another day

This is the poem I created while I was stuck in a check out line today, it made it possible to complete my Anxiety adventure with very little stress.

To take the focus away from the Anxiety really helps me in uncomfortable situations



Saturday, 29 June 2013 05:32

I am not the only one

I have recently joined ASN but already it has help me understand the overwhelming amount of people with the same symptoms I have, I mean exactly the same. It's strange to hear people discribe their anxiety episodes with such detail, it almost feels like their talking about me. When I read these comments and they sound so familiar I feel sad for them but comforting for me to know I'm not the only one.

Being a borderline agorophibic this is probably the closest I will ever get to therapy. ASN gives me a platform for learning, listening, sharing and caring with a community as concerned for managing their anxiety as I am

Anxiety is a lot more common then people may know, most people think of it as a mental condition and are ashamed to admit to it. I think education and awareness about the symptoms and treattment for anxiety could create an atmosphere of acceptance and relief for people suffering from it

When I try to explain what it's like to have a panic attack people could never understand what it's like, but now I see many people know exactly what it's like.

Thank You ASN

Saturday, 29 June 2013 01:26

Fighting my anxiety through creativeity

I earlier posted two personal thoughts in poems I wrote and this is new for me. I have been managing my anxiety and panic for over thirty years. I have been on several different meds, learned all the breathing exercises and distraction methods, I even keep a journal of my thoughts.

I was in a line up one day and I could feel the panic building but this was not a situation I could just rush out of. I remembered the distarction method so I started to created lyrics in my head and became so engulfed in what I was doing the panic faded quickly and I made it through my appointment.

Some times this can be the difference between I can or I can't, I'm not saying this would work for everybody but it can't hurt.

When your anxiety is kicking in your brain is over loading with fear and panic and needs positive stimulation and focus to correct the problem. this can be almost anything, sing a song,write a note, do a puzzle or any thing positive to distract the anxiety.and control the moment.

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!


Support us By Shoping at Amazon


We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!