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Wednesday, 21 November 2012 06:42

Your Panic Attack Cannot Kill You

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Some Facts on Why a Panic Attack Can't Really Kill You   Your panic attack cannot kill you. Of all the things I have learned, this is by far the most crucial. When you are in that moment of panic, your heart is racing, your mind is lost, you're having trouble breathing, and you may feel like you're going to die. When I had my first major panic attack, I thought I was about to die. I was literally saying my good-byes to the world as I paced back and forth in my bathroom at 5am. I awoke my wife, unsure if I was going to be saying good-bye to her forever or having her drive me to the ER. But upon waking (and scaring the Hell out of her) I was able to get some comfort and began to calm down. It soon passed and a state of confusion took over for the fear. I will get to that in another post. But, although I sure felt like this must be the end for me, it surely wasn't. This was years ago and I am still alive and kicking. Your panic attack simply does not have the ability to kill you. I will explain why. The panic attack is created entirely by you. It may seem to be triggered by outside factors, but really it is all coming from your amygdala, a primal part of your brain that controls feelings such at the fight-or-flight response. If you have an…
Friday, 16 November 2012 05:33

Opposite Action

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Opposite Actionas a Way to Deal With Anxiety   Opposite Action is a term I see thrown around a lot lately and one that I find very interesting. I have been applying aspects of this for some time without even realizing that is what I was doing. I want to discuss opposite action here because it some great applications to anxiety and panic attacks. What is "Opposite Action"? It's really a very simple concept. When you begin to feel anxious, your first instinctual reaction is usually something very counter-productive. Your primal fight-or-flight response kicks in and your actions will often fuel the panic further. By consciously taking the opposite route you have a much better chance at reducing that anxious response before it blows up into a full blown panic attack. Example: My number one panic trigger is interstate driving. I tend to get very anxious when driving on highways (although I absolutely love to travel. Ironic, huh?). When I start to get anxious while driving my first instincts are to turn down the radio, slow down and move into the slow lane, and get really fidgety. I start pulling on my seat-belt because the source of many of the physical symptoms of anxiety are in my chest and I feel constrained by the seat-belt. I will reach for the shifting handle even though my car has an automatic transmission. I drove a stick-shift for many years and I suppose that control gave me some comfort. My mind now associates…
Saturday, 10 November 2012 09:11

Anxiety Attack at Night - Nightmarish attacks

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How to Deal with Anxiety Attack at Night   Lack of sleep can make anyone lose focus during daytime; some people become very irritable and do not have the energy to do any progressive work. Sleep lost is attributed to some mental and physical conditions. Sometimes people with certain ailments find it hard to sleep. In some cases stress and depression also causes lack of sleep. Anxiety attacks at night are very possible for those people who are very stressed in their everyday lives. Body and mental fatigue can trigger anxiety in anyone, especially those who have quite weak personalities. Chronic anxiety attacks can be experienced at night when the condition is not properly diagnosed and treated.   Common Reasons Why anyone can Experience Anxiety Attacks at Night:   Chemical imbalance causes anxiety attacks at night. If the brain can not release enough serotonin for the body, chemical imbalance occurs. Serotonin is a substance responsible for the body to stay clam and relax; without adequate supply of this substance, a person can suffer from panic attacks at night. A stressful day can result in an anxiety attack at night. A person who recalls the unhappy events of the day will naturally find it hard to relax and can have certain panic-stricken thoughts that can lead to anxiety. Having sleep disorders such as sleep apnea that affects the heart beat as well as the blood pressure can make the person have disturbed sleeps at night. Sleeping and waking up continuously at…
Friday, 02 November 2012 20:18

Natural Anxiety Treatments

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Some Alternative Anxiety Treatments If you say you have never experienced anxiety, you will be thought to be either lying, or extraordinary. Each and every one of us will feel anxious at some time or another, the only difference being that the cause of anxiety will differ, and the extent will vary. Most often, we do not give a second thought to the anxiety we endure, mainly because it is second nature to us and we know it will pass as suddenly as it came, leaving us none the worse for having experienced it. When the frequency and intensity is harder to bear, the condition should not be ignored, and for a start, natural anxiety treatments can be commenced. Anxiety that is severe enough to be accompanied by the inability to concentrate, with feelings of restlessness, impatience and irritability, should make us pause and try to think why it is happening. If the sensations are caused by unusually heavy workloads, family or financial difficulties, you may feel tired and listless, but you will not experience the discomfort of a fast beating heart, rapid and shallow breathing, a feeling of confusion, accompanied by tummy cramps. These are in no way symptoms of ordinary stress. When we go through all these sensations at the same time, we will need to acknowledge them for what they are, and try to get the condition under control, before it takes control of us, in an unstoppable grip. Ideally, we should visit a doctor as a…
Friday, 26 October 2012 03:14

Internet Addiction and Anxiety

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I like peanuts
Wednesday, 24 October 2012 13:21

Dear Anxiety

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Use writing as a tool to help you with anxiety Dear Anxiety, I've known you for a really long time now and I have to tell you that I really hate the way you make me feel. I definitely respect the power that you hold but I'm here to tell you that I can't see you as much as I have in the past. It's really time for both of us to move on. Don't be sad, I'm sure that you'll still come and visit but it really has to be on a more limited basis from now on. You see, I've met someone named Happiness and I really like them and how they make me feel. I lose touch with Happiness here and there but I'm going to keep looking for them which means I have to spend less time with you. I've wanted to say this for a long time but finally had the courage to actually say something. Well, take care of yourself and I'm sure you'll be fine because there's more out there for you to see. Best of luck and remember: Don't call me, I'll call you, Jim Ok so this is just a small example of what we can do but I honestly think it helps. If I have to write a thousand letters before I feel better, I will do that and I think you would too. It doesn't have to just be a letter to your issue. Write a letter to your…
Monday, 15 October 2012 20:29

Your Anxiety Does NOT Define You

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Don't let anxiety define who you are So, I've dealt with anxiety for the better part of my life and for a long time, I really felt like it was defining who I was as a person. I was dead wrong. Anxiety and the problems that are associated with it are simply one of my deficits and you know what? That's ok. It's really no different than me looking at my having fair skin as a deficit or a disadvantage because I get sunburns easily. All I do to deal with it is use sunscreen, problem solved! Now comparing a sunburn to having an anxiety attack is REALLY dumbing it down but the principle is the same isn't it? With anxiety, we try several different coping mechanisms and some work and some don't but we still try. It's why we're here trying to get in touch with other people with the same issues so we can talk about it. I say all of this knowing that I don't always feel this way because my anxiety does feel like it consumes me at times but at the end of the day, this is not who I am. Anxiety cannot beat me no matter how hard it tries because I'm still here and if you're reading this, I'm pretty sure you're still here too. Still here fighting every day to make our lives as good as we can with a common goal: to be happy. I challenge each and every one of…
Friday, 21 September 2012 10:09

Take the Day off from Anxiety

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Take the Day off from Anxiety Sounds great doesn't it? My idea with this is instead of trying to solve all of our issues as the big picture, let just tackle today. I am declaring that today, I am taking a break from my anxiety and depression because I need a vacation from it. It won't be easy but I think it's a step in the right direction. Who wants to join me? I am deciding to really enjoy my coffee this morning, to write my diary entry and feel good about it, I'm going to have a great day at work....everyone else can have a bad day if they'd like but it's not going to affect me. I'm going to blast my favorite music in my car and when I get home today, I'm going to really enjoy my kids and PLAY with them. Not just go through the motions. I might relax this evening and have a fire and a really nice glass of wine and read my book. Things that feed my soul. Who wants to join me? I'm going to go to bed tonight and sleep really well for the first time in a long time. Who wants to join me? (Uhh, not in bed, just the taking the day off part). Maybe it will feel so good that we'll try to do it again tomorrow. Maybe not....but wouldn't we all like to start with just one day? Who wants to join me?

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!


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We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!