Anxiety Social Net Guidelines

Here are some suggestions aimed to help you make the best of anxietysocialnet

ADD PEOPLE:  Anxiety Social Net was built with the idea of connecting users to as many people as possible.  Contrary to Facebook, which is based on better connecting you with your existing groups and associates, Anxiety Social Net was created with the idea of expanding your horizons and helping you get in touch with new people.

HELP OTHERS: One of the best ways to help your self is helping others, even if you are not completely recovered from anxiety yourself. Other people will likely find your experiences and advice useful. Sometimes we just need someone to listen to us.

KEEP A DIARY: We all know there is no magic cure for anxiety. Keeping a diary can be very helpful. It allows you see your life in perspective and it also has the power to inspire others as they try to overcome the same fears you already conquered. You can add to you diary whatever you like, anything you think might be useful to yourself and others,

BE POLITE: Sadly it is impossible to keep haters out of any community. We will do our best to ban users who offend and misbehave by breaking our terms and conditions. Still, the best was to deal with this people is just ignoring them.

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: Our Q&A system will allow you to ask questions to the community. You can ask anything you want , just please make sure you are asking in the right category to get the best and most relevant answers.

Here Some Basics on How to Use the Site 



we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!