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Guidelines Therapist


How to Make the Best of ASN


Participate: Our system is built to reward therapists that participate the most and are most liked by the community, if the community likes you will will get more leads and credibility.


Invest in your profile: We have created content rich profiles to allow you showing your expertise in avery easy and synthesized manner. Don't forget to upload your profile picture.  pictures are critical.  take the time to fill all fields on your therapist profile the more representative of your self it is the more people will show interest.


Share your expertise: offering free advice in Q&A, sharing your approaches to therapy in the therapist blog is a way to gain followers and get better positioning in our internal search engine.


Apply for the therapist general blog: once you have great articles in your blog, you can ask us to check your content and if we like it we will publish it in the general blog. Posts in the general blog are shared in our facebook and twitter popular outlets, getting your content exposed to thousands of people. learn more here.


Write status updates:  write frequently status update to keep people interested, let them know what are your latest discoveries and insights.


use our auto publication feature:  this function allows you to automatically share in other social network all your activities in ASN, this will save you countless hours of working on your other social media outlets, learn how to do it here.


Rules of Conduct


Respect ASN users privacy: We have taken measures to make sure that user privacy is assured, at all times therapist should respect ASN users privacy.


Do not spam the wall: All therapist interactions end up in the therapist wall, make sure you don’t over populate the wall posting more than 5 times consequently, is best to wait a few minutes between posts to allow other therapist to participate also.


Direct contact with non followers is forbidden: Our system will allow you to contact and see interaction of people who are following you only, contacting users that are not following you directly is against our TOS.


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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!


Support us By Shoping at Amazon


We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!