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  • Anxiety or panic attack?

    Is there some connection between anxiety and panic attack? Do they have the same symptoms?
  • Can you get an sexually transmitted infections from a toliet seat?

    On the Internet I have read some forums about STIs and on one of them was discussion about how you can get them. I have read that someone got it form toilet seat, is this possible? What are the symptoms?
  • Chest pains, tell me about yours?

    So I get really bad anxiety chest pains, most days feels like I'm having a heart attack. My chest pains can go from being like a heavy pain on my right side to feels like my heart is being pushed together and it's gonna like blow or something. So I just wanted to know what all your chest pains felt like if you have them?
  • Could this be some form of panic attack?

    I don't remember exactly when this was now but I was wondering if this could be some form of panic attack. I sometimes get some chest paint kinda like heart burn but this time it actually felt like I was having some sort of heart attack. My chest was hurting and I couldn't sit up because when I did, I just got like a stabbing pain in my chest. I couldn't even sneeze or anything. It lasted ages.
  • Does anyone else have digestive and stomach problems from their anxiety?

    I know its kind of a weird question but it really scares me. So does anyone else suffer from digestive problems and stomach pains when their long term anxiety is bad? I've researched it before, but it'd be nice to hear (or read I guess) it for myself
  • Does anyone else have fear of going outside?

    So I am having trouble with being stuck in my apartment due to my anxiety and fear, I wondered if anyone also had the same issue? I would like to move forward but I am getting little help at the moment and wondered if anyone had any advice? Some people are just like get up and go out but they don't realize how strong the fear and anxiety are. Not sure where to go from here, I have become quite isolated now and even due to some other circumstances fear my neighbors. I am feeling quite hopeless about the whole thing at this point and any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • Does anyone get dizzy out of the blue?

    I was wondering if anyone occasionally gets dizzy out of the blue, and if so, how do you cope with it? Recently I was in a meeting doing a presentation, and the morning had been wonderful - I had felt normal up to that point.. then, with no warning, it felt like my head spun for about 3 seconds and I had to close my eyes. It was as if it opened the floodgates for all symptoms to attack.. just curious if something similar has happened to others.
  • Has anyone experienced hair loss because of stress or anxiety?

    It seems like I'm losing more hair than usual. Not clumps but a decent amount.
  • Has anyone gone through Ambien withdrawal?

    I've been on it for a number of months. When I asked a doctor and a pharmacist they said that the only withdrawal symptom I would likely experience is insomnia. If it were that simple, it would not be categorized as an addictive drug and MY doctor would not have been so reluctant to put me on it in the first place. My doctor is out indefinitely so I can't ask her.
  • How common is anxiety?

    Online I have read that 13% of the population suffer from an anxiety disorder of one kind. Could this be real?
  • How do you deal with anxiety-induced focus problems?

    Normally I'm a very focused individual but when I enter high anxiety times/situations (generally when I have a lot to do) I lose the ability to focus on anything for longer than a couple of minutes. This is very frustrating, and makes me even more anxious. Its a horrible catch-22, and I would like to know if anyone else has this problem and how they deal with it, besides the old deep breathing technique which has lost a lot of effectiveness for me.
  • I get chest pains and I am afraid I might get a heart attack which makes it even worse?

    I am getting physical symptoms of anxiety.
  • Medicated at highest dosages, completed cbt, no trauma, but panic attacks suddenly came back after a year without a problem?

    Ive been on prozac, clonazepam, lamotrigine and hydroxyzine for a year for my panic disorder. Theyve been working wonderfully, anxiety has been under control. i got my panic disorder caught judt in time before it turned into full blown agoraphobia. But suddenly, my panic attacks have come back. I feel like i did before the medication. Nothing signifigant has changed in my life - i did get rejected by someone i liked (nothing traumatic), became vegetarian and i switched from smoking to vaping, those are the only things that have changed since ive been on medication. my psychiatrist is stumped. he suggested it may be due to an underlying medical reason. does anyone have an idea of whats wrong with me? 22 female, not in school, and im quitting my part time job because of the panic attacks. i also have GAD and OCD that gets worse when my panic/anxiety gets up. i most definitely have agoraphobic tendencies but i can still function outside my home. also depression but i havent showed symptoms in years.
  • Not sure if its Anxiety or I am really sick

    Hello everyone, I recently joined this website because I was told that I have anxiety. It all started in the summer about a month and half ago when I woke up withj a bad stomach. I did not really think anything of it at the time, thinking it was just a bug, but that was until it lasted for a week. I started freaking myself out that I was actually really sick. I had abdominal pain,cramps, and had no appetite at all and when I tried to force myself to eat, I felt sick. I went to the doctor and he said to eat more fiber and it should past.In fact I did start to feel better until I went to Chicago with my friends where I felt very bloated and tired. I could not eat or drink and felt "gaggy." I then came home and got some rest for the next week where I found myself being extremely tired and achy. I then thought that I may have got Lyme Disease playing golf, so I went back to the doctor where they took a blood test.Everything came back normal. So being a little of a hypochondriac, I googled how accurate the lyme disease test are where I found that they are not reliable at all. I totally convinced myself that I had Lyme disease and at around this time, I developed a stiff neck, cannot sleep,dizzy, and shakiness. At this time I was totally telling myself that I have contracted Lyme Disease and read horror stories online of people who live with it for years without getting tested positive and having this disease ruin their lives. I went to a GI doctor, where he to ran tests and everything came back normal. I then went back to my normal doctor and he said he would give me Doxy for two weeks just in case it was in fact lyme disease. It was like a weight off my shoulders and I really thought I would be feeling better in no time. After about a week, I noticed that I did not get better at all. which is where I started to think that it was all in my head. I am currently in my second year of teaching and I am still experiencing symptoms such as shakiness, insomnia, stiff neck, weakness in my legs, ringing in my ears, dizziness, and muscle soreness. Is this all in my head and due to anxiety, or do you think I am actually sick? I am fearful of not being able to hold it together and having to quit my job. I had a great first year as a teacher and I would hate to have to give into whatever this is. Thanks
  • What are the common symptoms of stress?

    In four groups can be arranged stress symptoms physical, psychological, emotional and behavioral. Does anyone know which symptoms are common?
  • What are the symptoms for Chlamydia?

    My ex called me and told me that I need to go to doctor to check do I have chlamydia. Now I am in panic and I don't know what to do. What is it?
  • What are the symptoms of a panic disorder?

    I had panic attack a few days ago at club. My friends and i went to the club and in one point I got some deja vu in my mind. Like someone is fallowing me and do what ever I do. I started to panic. One of my friends helped me to come down. Could this be a start of panic attack?
  • What are the symptoms of social anxiety?

    What are the signs and symptoms to watch for to determine someone has social anxiety or is currently developing one?
  • What are ways to deal with anxiety/depression?

    I've tried excercise, going out, and reading only to feel emptier than ever. My anxiety is rapidly getting worse, and I'm afraid of the cynical person it is turning me into.
  • What Causes Phobias?

    I was in a zoo, till than I have only seen snakes in movies. When I have entered the part with snakes I felt fear, some scary situations from movies were in my head. So I run away from there. Could this be a phobia?

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!