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  • Anybody ever get tired of trying to reach out, so you just stop and hibernate instead?

    Lately my depression and anxiety has been a LOT worse... Ever since this summer started, and I started working full time and living with a couple roommates. My depression is so bad that all I want to do is hide in bed all day everyday... and if I didn't have this job, I probably would be doing that. I'm constantly on the verge of tears, irritable and just down... I see the doctor tomorrow, and will probably have to have my prozac dose upped. Anyway, Does anybody else get to that point where they just have tried talking to their friends and family about it so much, to get comfort and support (which they usually give), but you just end up stopping reaching out because your are afraid you annoy them, or you feel stupid, or you're just flat out too tired to try reaching out anymore? Because that's about where I'm at... I'm tired of talking about it and trying to explain what it's like... I just want to curl up in bed and hide from the world. Anybody else get this way? p.s. I'm not suicidal or anything like that. Just to be clear. I just have no motivation, lack of energy, and want to hermit.
  • Has anyone "lost their creativity" on antidepressants?

    I am an avid, DAILY writer of fiction. It's almost an obsession but for me it is a healthy one because anyone who has known me long enough can tell you the pattern, when I am writing, I am generally happy. When I stop, I go downhill. When I start again, I get better almost immediately. It helps me to get out of my own head and world and problems and into someone else's.

    But since I have started a series of antidepressants over the past few months, I NEVER write. I think twice in January, three times in February and not once in March or April--and never even a full page. I strated with a tricyclic, followed by two others, Remeron, now Cymbalta. Does anyone have any such experiences as this? Losing creativity on a variety of antidepressants? It's like I can't even break into my fictional world anymore when I used to reside there half my life to escape being alone in my own head all the time.
  • Has anyone been on Paxil for an extended time and then had it “poop out”? I’m on Zoloft now and it doesn’t seem to work nearly as well but it was horrible going through the switch so I’m worried to try a different one. I suffer all of the above panic disorders, OCD, generalized anxiety, panic attacks, etc. I know Paxil is a strong SSRI so I’m curious if anyone had a similar experience and found a

  • HELP ME GUYS !!!!!!!!!!!!

    It all begon when smoking a Joint. It was my first... A trip to hell ! I was dieing, heart was almost exploding becouse of the high speed, Worst panic attack ever! Living nightmare.... Next day i woke up and felt GREAT ! I was out the nightmare ! YESS !! The same day in the restaurant i felt a weird upcoming feeling, i concentrated on all the voices i heard mixing in the restaurant, and felt a panic attack rushing and wanting to break trough. I runned to the toilet and the panic attack didn't break trough.. I felt normal.. i read some info on the internet and i said it can be a ' Flashback from a Badtrip ' becouse the THC is still in your blood.. well, i felt great for 4 months without Panicattacks, fear, stress.. Everything was back to normal ! UNTILL I got attacked by a gang of 5 African Junkies.. i had to run for my life and they knew where i lived ! I was scared ! I had Adrenaline for 6 hours when i escaped and got home.. My heart was pounding.. Another Panic Attack.. The next Day i could not look to Colorfull things and could not listen to music or birds who are singing, it felt like my Nervous system was SHARPER THEN SHARP, i had to sit in the dark ! And had Panic attacks EVERYDAY, for 6 MONTHS ! I'm light headed, dizzy, depersonalisated or something like that, i feel like living in a dream.. I feel like shit and i worry alot , that its forever ! I don't know what triggerd this... the weed ??? Or the Adrenaline from the Dangerous Situation.. i don't know what to think.. i'm Hyperventilating everyday and i have pain on my breasts. What can i do ? Right now i'm on Anti depressiva ( SSRI ) And i didn't have panic attacks for months . But i still worry and don't like living. I'm still kinda sad & think that when i stop with the pill everything will go back to a HELL ! i'm still dizzy, light headed, somethimes i fear my thoughts ! somethimes i think im gonna attack my mom becouse im going crazy, i make myself scared ! WHAT CAN I DO ? AND IS THIS BECOUSE OF THE JOINT OR THE SCARY SITUATION ? ANSWERS PLEASE !
  • possible SAD

    I've been having trouble with anxiety for a very long time and I have seem to mainly have it around the winter. My anxiety and insomnia gets bad around late fall-early winter, and then seems to get better but then I get in a very bad mood a lot of the time. I break down very easily and it has been like this since about last year at least. I expected it was a one time thing last year but now I'm afraid I might have Seasonal Affective Disorder. My brother, my mother and several other family members have depression so its definitely possible for me to have it as well. Is there anyone with similar problems who can tell me whats possibly going on with me? Thanks :)


we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!