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  • Are there many types of Anxiety Disorders?

    Hi everyone,

    While I was searching online for anxiety definition I have read something that there are different types of it. How many types of Anxiety are there?
  • Can someone have multiple anxiety disorders?

    Is possible that someone has more than one anxiety condition? Could this be treatable like any other single anxiety condition?
  • Cannabis

    I just wanted to ask for your expiriences with Cannabis. Do you think it was affecting or even enhancing your mental disorder? Or was it maybe benificial?

    I for myself am a Cannabis supporter, though I use it only on rare occasions. It`s pretty much proven that in terms of addiction and physical harm, Cannabis is a lot better than alcohol, and even tobacco, but you often hear that it affects your psyche. I don`t really believe it for myself, but I am really interested in your opinions and experiences.
  • Does anyone else have nightmares? how do you deal with them?

    how do you deal with having a nightmare. Mine are really vivid! as if it was really happening. So usually when i wake up im in this horrible anxiety attack before i open my eyes!
  • Does anyone have Thanatophobia?

    I just need to know. This is my 3rd time with this phobia. It's about myself not others dying. It gets to the point we're in am afraid of going to sleep. I take kolonopin 3 mg and am thinking for telling my psychiatrist. I have already talked with my psychotherapist. Please let me know so I don't feel alone.
  • Has anyone else here also diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder?

    Has anyone else here been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder along with anxiety disorder? If so, what are you doing to treat or manage it?
  • How common is anxiety?

    Online I have read that 13% of the population suffer from an anxiety disorder of one kind. Could this be real?
  • Medicated at highest dosages, completed cbt, no trauma, but panic attacks suddenly came back after a year without a problem?

    Ive been on prozac, clonazepam, lamotrigine and hydroxyzine for a year for my panic disorder. Theyve been working wonderfully, anxiety has been under control. i got my panic disorder caught judt in time before it turned into full blown agoraphobia. But suddenly, my panic attacks have come back. I feel like i did before the medication. Nothing signifigant has changed in my life - i did get rejected by someone i liked (nothing traumatic), became vegetarian and i switched from smoking to vaping, those are the only things that have changed since ive been on medication. my psychiatrist is stumped. he suggested it may be due to an underlying medical reason. does anyone have an idea of whats wrong with me? 22 female, not in school, and im quitting my part time job because of the panic attacks. i also have GAD and OCD that gets worse when my panic/anxiety gets up. i most definitely have agoraphobic tendencies but i can still function outside my home. also depression but i havent showed symptoms in years.
  • Monophobia- Fear of Being Alone

    Does anyone else suffer from monophobia (fear of being alone)? I have a terrible time sleeping at night in an empty house. Any suggestions?
  • Obsessive skin picking and hair pulling

    I've struggled with OCD all my life, and part of that includes dermatillomania (skin picking) and trichtillomania (hair pulling). In the last 6 years or so, I've gotten infinitely worse with both, to the point of causing significant harm to myself on a regular basis. Typically I pick at my arms, shoulders, and scalp more than anywhere else, but any sort of bump, scab, or other irregularity anywhere on my skin will set me off. And with the hair pulling, no part of me is safe, except for my head (suprisingly) - ingrown hairs are the bane of my existence, combining both issues. The thing is, most of the time I have no idea I'm even doing it anymore until I've already drawn blood, and by then it's near impossible for me to stop. The few people I spend time with typically have to restrain my hands until the obsessive urges pass, which takes a long time. I'm covered in scars from digging at my skin and I'm really tired of it. Nothing I've tried to stop or even lessen the damage and frequency has helped, I always subconsciously find some workaround to satisfy the obsessions. Keeping my nails short and bandaging my fingertips, wearing long sleeves and hats to cover my most problematic areas, hiding my tweezers and pumice stones, none of that has been and be to slow me down. I take ativan for my anxiety and panic attacks, and even that doesn't settle me down with it. I've even tried acupuncture, aromatherapy, and hypnotherapy, but to no avail. I'm just at a complete loss on what to do. I hate that I'm hurting myself, and even more I hate that it upsets my loved ones when they see me stuck in the compulsive picking and pulling or see the damage from it. It doesn't even seem to just be triggered by stress/anxiety/anger/excitement or anything anymore, it just happens all the time. I'm desperate to stop it, and would love some suggestions on how to successfully combat this. Is this something I can even get control over?
  • Tongue Picking Problem

    I'm not sure if I have anxiety or ocd but am very skeptical that I do. I have an odd problem with picking/pulling off taste buds. Ive had this problem for as long as I can remember, i get so into it I dont even notice when I do it until my tongue is missing chunks and my fingers are bloody. Its so disgusting, unsanitary, painful, and just weird. I dont know whats wrong with me and i dont know how to stop.


we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!