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  • Do you have a high profile job. How are you managing day to day?

    I have a highly visible job. I am emotionally exhausted by the end of each day. My anxiety before a major deadline can be crippling, but I push through and burn out at the end of the week or month. I present a good front at work most of time, but it eats me up inside and I curl up when I get home and want nothing to do with the outside world. I've taken some steps, some I've been doing for years, others I just started and all of it helps. I know this is a lifelong personal journey and I'm not looking for a quick fixes. I'm curious how others have managed a position where they have to be "on" all / most of the time. Did you eventually change jobs? What do you think about while I work? How do you manage anxiety at work? Have you noticed how it shows up in your work, if it does? (mine shows up as perfectionism and OCD like rereading email I send several times)
  • Does anyone else over here suffer from NES (Night Eating Syndrome)? Can someone tell me how to fix this habit/syndrome?

  • Gosh, I'm confused-

    Hello!! I'm new here- ^^ So, recently I've been having troubles with eating. I'll go from moments of eating normally, to eating nothing, to eating everything and because of that, all of my friends think I'l lying when I say I have bad eating habits. Due to them accusing me, others ALSO think I'm lying about my anxiety for attention and it's really frustrating. I suddenly feel really alone and I don't know what to do-
  • How can i stop my anxiety when i eat out

    so every time i go out to eat or just eat with friends and my boyfriend i got so anxious that i just cant eat. it turns my stomach and makes me so nauseous that i just cant do anything and i am getting tired of this.


we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!