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  • Anxiety and relationships?

    Does anxiety get in the way of you entering relationships? I feel depressed a lot of the times thinking that my anxiety gets in the way of me meeting people. When meeting new people I immediately feel scared that I am no good for them; that they are getting more than they bargained for, because they'd find out about my anxiety and not care to know me anymore.
    So many women worry about being attractive enough to other people, but I can't even worry about that because my anxiety is so much more of a pressing matter to me.
    I'd really like to make some friends in real life who have similar problems with anxiety, who will share an unspoken understanding of things with me, who will understand that if I'm not excited to do something with them it's not because I don't want to, but it's because I am afraid of loosing control. I currently do not have any friends with anxiety, and it makes me feel pretty alienated. If anyone has had similar experiences or advice, I'd love to hear it. Thanks.
  • Anyone keep their anxiety to themselves and do not tell friends?

  • Coming out of the Mental Health Closet?

    Hi Everybody, In case you don't know me yet, my name is Salomon Patsevich. I am the founder of anxiety social net and a former anxiety sufferer (mostly :)).

    I wanted to rise question, how important do you think it is to share your experiences with those close to you?

    I was thinking to dedicate a full month on ASN to encourage people to share their struggles with one close friend or family member who doesn't know about it.
    what do you think about this?

    Thanks for the input

  • Dealing with friends that don't understand anxiety?

    Today my friend told me that my "alleged anxiousness is startling." This was super disappointing and the more I thought about it the more upset I got. He is one of my best friends, but as much as I try to explain to him what anxiety is all he can say is that he just doesn't get it. Should I just accept the fact that he will never understand or be offended that he thinks my anxiety is "alleged" and won't even take the time to understand the significant struggle I have gone through and am going through? I was on anti depressants for 6 years and have been off of them for 1. I still have to take Xanax when a panic attack comes on. The last one he witnessed. I get anxious in public places especially if I feel like I would be disappointing someone if I had to ruin the evening with a panic attack.
  • Do the people closest to you know about your anxiety and its symptoms?

    Besides my therapist, only my best friend knows the true extent of my anxiety. It's hard to explain to people who don't already have issues of their own. Some of the members of my family are aware that I have anxiety, but I have never discussed the symptoms or triggers with them. I have tried in the past, but after hearing things like "Oh, I feel like that sometimes, but you just have to keep doing it and eventually it will go away" or "you just need to quit being a baby and toughen up", I just decided it was best to keep the details to myself. So have you talked to friends and family about your issues, and do you have any advice for people that may want to?
  • How can I help others to understand what agoraphobia means?

    My inability to leave the house combined with depression and PTSD has made me an unreliable friend. I lost the few friends I had by dropping out with no explanation. No matter what I think I should say nothing seems adequate. I feel like I'm making excuses and 'sorry' isn't enough. I'm not sure how to help (ex) friends see my silence hasn't been from malice. I'm paralyzed by fear with the thought of explaining and being misunderstood. I'm not sure what to do. Every time I try to explain myself friends/family take the explanation as my being 'over' what ever was bothering me, thinking I can control it. I'm now in the position with the few friends of constantly apologizing for conditions they seem to take lightly, like I'm just a 'flake' and not suffering from illness. If my leg was broken or I had cancer no one would expect the constant apologies.
  • How do I get the moderator to approve the groups I'm trying to make? I already tired to make 3

  • How do I talk to my family/friends?

    How can I relate my depression and anxiety (GAD) in a way that my family/friends will understand? They're extremely supportive and helpful, but I get scared to them about it. It's hard to find the right words. Also, sometimes they offer advice or an "it's ok" type comment, which is nice, but not what I was looking for. I just want them to know me better.
  • How do you explain anxiety to your friends?

    I tried telling my friends, described the medication that i was on for it and they laughed. I laughed along with them to hide the fact that I was hurt. Now I just seem to distance myself from them when I go through periods of very high anxiety. Does anyone else do this too?
  • How to handle someone who has anger issues?

    Do you, as an anxiety sufferer, have experience being close with someone who has anger issues? How do you handle their anger without going into panic mode? Do they ever get angry because problems with your anxiety aggravates them? I'm asking because my boyfriend of 8 years has anger issues (which he's seen therapy for.) He's quick to blow up and that makes me anxiety worse. However, my clamming up from anxiety makes his anger worse. How can we better handle ourselves during moments like this?
  • I am wondering how to reach out to more people on this site? For some reason is seems limited. I want to be able to get in chat rooms, reach out with more people. What is the point system all about off my profile. Will that unlock more things?

    I am wondering how to reach out to more people on this site? For some reason is seems limited. I want to be able to get in chat rooms, reach out with more people. What is the point system all about off my profile. Will that unlock more things?
  • I want to grow closer to people but I can't?

    Ever since I was young I haven't really been the type to get friends easily-- I remember feeling pressured by my mom, who would constantly ask elementary/middle-schooler me why would I sit alone during lunchtime (my mom would often drive past the school in the morning on her way to the store and other places and she'd notice me there). Now I'm a highschooler and well-- given the fact that I deal with social anxiety I tend to get nervous and/or become distant if strangers or just acquaintances are nearby. It's something like "nope, I don't want to talk to you. Nope. No. Stay away from me. Let's all mind our own business ohgodtheyareapproachingme" Anyway, uh, to the point-- I DO have friends and want to grow closer to them but I have a really hard time doing so. I don't know when I'm being too clingy or too distant and I usually back off before they get a chance to do or say anything, thinking I might be too annoying or even creepy. I have asked my friends if they found me annoying or creepy and they said no, that they liked me for who I was, but still... It's really bothersome. For example, when I want to talk to a friend about something that happened to me but I end up thinking they won't care or will somehow get angry/annoyed. Or when I'm just trying to find a topic to talk about but I fear they might be not interested. I'm pretty sure that to them I come off as this quiet and distant, distracted and clutzy girl (the last two because I daydream a LOT and get distracted stupidly easily). Sorry for going off topic (if I did)! I would like to hear your opinion. Advice would be appreciated!
  • Looking for new friends..

    I'm in Canada, would like to have some new friends in the area. Anyone else from here? I'm going insane without any friends and I feel extremely isolated..
  • Members near Zürich (Switzerland)

    Hi folks, I live near Zürich in Switzerland and I'm pretty sure there no English speaking support groups nearby. If anybody is aware of one, I'd be pleased to know. As I suffer from social anxiety I prefer meeting one person at a time or very small groups. If anyone in the area would like to make contact and maybe meet for coffee please let me know. As my German is still not great it would be very helpful to meet others who may also feel isolated both by the language and their disorder(s). I find I am more at ease with other people who also have problems with anxiety and depression as one doesn't have to make excuses for odd behaviors or other difficulties. I have OCD which makes it difficult for me to get to places or appointments on time sometimes and occasionally I just can't break out of my rituals and miss things altogether. I already have one friend here who suffers from anxiety and have told a couple of close friends about my problem. They have been very understanding and we have an arrangement where we agree to meet between say 1pm and 3pm. I then call them when I am ready to leave the house and they remain at home until they get my call to go ahead and leave. That way they aren't left waiting around at a coffee shop somewhere for an hour and I don't feel guilty about letting them down by arriving late or not at all. To get to Psychiatric appointments etc. my husband has to come home and helps me to get "unstuck" by applying "gentle force" if necessary. I do wonder how some people with even worse OCD and can't leave the house manage to get any treatment. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has this problem. It's incredibly frustrating and I still have to pay for the appointment even if I only manage to get there for half of it or not at all. There are some online options I guess. Pandahugs
  • Need to make a friend, but introductions are the WORST. How do you get past it?

    I don't think I've ever voluntarily made a really good friend. All my best friends I made because my mom pushed and introduced me (when i was younger) or I was forced into it through a program or camp. Even so, most of the "friends" I've made aren't as close as I wish they were. I'm not lacking in friends and maybe I'm ungrateful for the ones I have, but it seems like I'm lonely all the time. Lonely, sluggish, hopeless, and unmotivated. This is a problem. A problem I can't seem to fix.
  • Shud I try socialising? Forget real life, can't even manage it online.

    I could never socialise with people, throughout my childhood, I was mostly a loner. When later in life I met interesting people, I couldn't manage to befriend them. Even if I did, it wouldn't last because of anxiety in dealing with them.(Sure most of you familiar with that) I've been very lonely, I too have a need to socialise so I tried it online. I tried many forums especially where I could meet people of similar likes etc. But that too didn't last, I liked it at first but it always ended the same way, I feel people are very harsh to me (However irrational it may seem I just couldn't shake it off my head, and it at times ruined my day) I've come to a consensus that I shouldn't socialise at all, The place where I come, I feel totally out of place there anyway. Any advice? Thank you for reading my long post. Appreciate it.


we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!