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  • Cold sweat and short breath

    Hi. Last few days throughtout the day I feel cold sweats and I could not breath "full loungs. Also I am at some times pale.

    I have a normal heart rate and blood preassure. I am having some problems with sinuses but not so important.

    I am very anxious at times and when I feel that I get cold sweats or can not breath full lounghs I get more scarred.

    My doctor says nothing smart to me. She says that short of breath can be subjective feeling but what about cold sweats thorught a day (but not at night - I sleep very well which is strange to me).

    I will do my heart check up (I was 4 years ago and everything was OK) to be sure.

    But what can be a cause for this? Well I will be married with a person I love the most in a two week time and I want to be at least semi-fit for that day :)

    Thank you people
  • Feelings in my heart lead to warm tingling sensation all over body?

    I'm having extreme anxiety with my heart. I always feel it beating, i have extremely hard PVCs, and after i have these my body goes warm and numb. Each time that happens I feel like I'm going to die. This is the 3rd time tonight...I'm scared and I don't know how to deal with this. Is this a serious medical issue? Or is it all in my mind?
  • heart fluttering pvcs getting worse anyone elts have these things

    iv had pvcs for 15 years it all started when i was 17 years old i was in the car with my mum all of a sudden i felt a very strong fluttering in my chest went on for a few seconds took my breath away ect and made me feel very unwell then onther came and another thats when i experianced my very first panic attack went to hospital ecgs were done one showed somthin but never really botherd the docs much so for the next few years i get these pvcs really bad i guess somehow i lerned to live with then only now just latly they have changed in some way and comming more frequently also changing the way they feel to me im due to have a holter monitor soon but in the mean time very scared of dieing from this iv been to ane ake er many times last week some body can u tell me your experince with them thanks for listening sorry about the spelling etc
  • who else has really slow heart rate at night?

    i just moved back to my homestate and since i left iv had a heart rate of low-mid 40s while going to sleep. i also packed and unpacked the vehicle by myself which was a big workout for me after not being active at all in the last few months.i dont know if its stress or not but its making me very nervous and i check my pulse constantly.


we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!