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  • I think I've got an anxiety

    Hi Guys. I think I've got an anxiety. I can get really uptight, feel irritable as hell, constantly overthink something and be really cheesed off with something. Then before l know it my teen or partner will say something and I'll snap and land up having a blazing row with them. I know when I'm going to row as I feel so uptight and tense - then before I have time to pause to think about my actions I'll have had the biggest row ever. I keep telling myself I'll pause for thought before reacting, but before I know it my tongue has already lashed. I feel out of control and feel helpless to help myself. The arguement generally starts with someone cheesing me off, and me having a go at them about it, which then cheeses them off and lands in a row. This can be anything from my teen leaving a wet towel on the floor, to my partner coming home with a face like a wet weekend. The issue is I get so irritated - really really irritated. Most of the time this comes on really quickly and I lash out before I've had time to reason with myself. I know when I've calmed down I could have handled the situation smarter, but I now know I need help. Can anyone relate to this? Jo
  • Stomach issues & anxiety?

    I have problems needing the toilet excessively when i'm anxious, in fact,that is what causes my anxiety. I have stomach problems and the fear of being away from the toilet when this happens, makes them even worse. Its a vicious cycle. This has been ongoing for 4 years now.

    Is this normal? Do others get this?

    I can go to the loo up to 8 times, it's that bad. I usually have diarrhea or loose stools that are yellow in colour.

    I need advice because it is ruining my life and it's got to the stage now that everything is hard, working is hard, going to the shops, going on a bus, going to a beach...all those simple things are impossible. If i cant get rid of this i will commit suicide...a life like this is not worth living....

    Thank you.


we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!