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  • I haven't been professionally diagnosed with anxiety but I know in myself that there is something wrong. I'm too afraid to talk to anyone that I know as I feel like I would sound stupid. I regularly experience panic, shakyness, racing heart, feeling down

  • After a Panic Attack

    For those of you who, like me, experience panic attacks at least once a month, please help! I PROMISE this is not spam. I'm looking into helping those of us who suffer with panic attacks. I'm conducting research study as part of a course requirement for my clinical psychology PhD program at Alliant International University, Los Angeles. My study has been designed to assess anxiety, and the relationship between panic attacks and any residual/lingering symptoms or impairment immediately after the panic attack itself has abated (referred to as “post-attack symptoms”). It's like the fatigue, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, etc. that continues after the panic attack has ended. Nobody seems to have the answers for it, and I decided to look for the answers. I truly hope to bring about awareness of the fact that there is more to panic attacks than the attack itself...there are the lingering symptoms! Your participation is completely anonymous and confidential, and you could enter for a chance to win a $50 debit gift card! Please click on the link below to be directed to my survey.
  • Anbody else suffer from hypochondria aka health anxiety?

  • Anxiety and sleep?

    Hey everyone. Im currently suffering from insomnia.
    This happens like every 1-2 months. Mostly then, when im trying to bring my sleep cycle in balance.
    Im now awake for 3 days, i had so far i know only 6 hours (?) of sleep in these 3 days. Ive tried to sleep again today, but no success.

    Basically, its like this. If i didnt slept well, or didnt slept at all, i tend to fear the next night afterwards. My mind gets flooded by questions over questions: "Will i sleep tonight? What if not? Am i going to die if not? What if i can not manage the next day? Will this now go on forever?" Its just stacking up to an extreme level. And then, when it comes to the point where i go to bed, i get very unconfortable and get nearly panic attacks. Im TIRED, but my mind wont let me sleep at all. Even if i lay for like 2-3 hours there, it wont stop. My brain keeps alarming everything. Now im heading for the next night, and i feel not good at all. Its just torture if you roll to the left, to the right, feeling anxious the whole night, and then you get up without any sleep.

    I have honestly no idea what to do tonight, nothing seems to help. Im not thinking about of taking pills or something.

    Would be nice if someone would help, or had made this experience and would share it.
  • Anxiety or panic attack?

    Is there some connection between anxiety and panic attack? Do they have the same symptoms?
  • any tips on how to cope with panic attacks?

  • Anyone has experienced this?

    Ok, i got really nervous today, i wanted to try and take just benzos at night, and lexapro after breakfast (doctor said 1/2 tablet of bromazepam every 12 hours and lexapro after breakfast) but being the weather over here hot, and this weird feeling of not being tired since i started with my anxiety/panic attack outbreak, it´s really breaking me apart.

    I don´t know if its the secondary effects of the meds, or the fact that im not sleeping on my own bed, in my own room ( i have to share the bedroom with my dad and my sis because we are taking care of my grandmother at her house), it´s hot at night, my father snoring all getting crazy !

    Since i started with this horrible panic attacks / OCD thoughts and started taking anti depressants, if i sleep well or not at night, i can´t really feel it because i have these strange sensation all the god damn day! I know i sleep at least some hours because i remember my dreams, then wake up because of noises in the room ( someone going to the bathroom, cars outside, etc),and sleep/dreaming a little again. I wake up at least like 3 times at nights... I told my doctor about this but he just said i was gonna have some negative effects the first weeks ( today just marks my first week of treatment) and also that i never experienced anxiety this much and it´s all a result of my mind... but im getting scared...

    So, i ask you guys, is it normal to not experience being tired physically and mentally while having a lot of anxiety and taking meds?
  • As a therapist I would love to hear what people are looking for. Could anyone out there tell me what you hope to get or expect from a therapist? Are you afraid to go to one?

    I am a marriage and family therapist who specializes in anxiety/trauma/relational therapy. I am always open and interested in hearing what people who have experienced therapy have to say as well as what others who haven't tried it have to say. Please feel free to ask me anything about what to expect from a good therapist!
  • Best medication for social anxiety?

    I was wondering what the best medication for social anxiety for a sixteen year old would be? I have been on Zoloft before and it did not work too well.
  • Can anyone else see and feel their hear beating?

    All day right below my left peck i can see and feel my heart beat and i get worried when it races.Ive lost weight,have panic attacks,stomaches a long with a list of other syptoms.I feel hopeless and want to give up im currently taking lorazepam.
  • Coping suggestions for exposure method???? Help!

    I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder when I was in seventh grade. My anxiety only manifests itself through worry that something will happen to my mom. She is a runner and I have panic attacks every time she goes for a run...worrying that she won't return or something will happen. I know it is stupid and unlikely but I can't shake it. My mom is a bit wreak less. She runs or 3 hours deep in the woods by herself without a phone. She takes risks so it's not like I am completely wrong to worry. I am almost 20 now though and am leaving for college on August (I took a gap year to try and get a hold of my sanity!). I'm going 10 hours away and I'm terrified. I'm scared I will have panic attacks and be trapped up there with no one to help me and with no one to look after my mom. I am on Zoloft and clonopin and haven't felt any results even though it's been almost 2 years since I started the meds. I have had cognitive behavioral therapy and have seen multiple therapists and psychiatrists.
    This anxiety is a constant battle. Every day I panic and worry and am controlled by this anxiety.
    I know exposure is the best cure so I am hoping that leaving and separating myself from my mom and doing WHT terrifies me will ultimately cure me but I need advice on how to get through the months that are looming ahead.
    Any suggestions?
  • Could this be some form of panic attack?

    I don't remember exactly when this was now but I was wondering if this could be some form of panic attack. I sometimes get some chest paint kinda like heart burn but this time it actually felt like I was having some sort of heart attack. My chest was hurting and I couldn't sit up because when I did, I just got like a stabbing pain in my chest. I couldn't even sneeze or anything. It lasted ages.
  • Dating and social anxiety?

    Because of my anxiety and social awkwardness I've never dated or been in a relationship. In the past I've been told by guys that I am too sensitive or that my worrying is annoying. Now that I'm turning twenty I get anxiety over the fact that I've never had a boyfriend. Sometimes I feel like I'm being judged by family members because I'm not in a relationship and I feel really embarrassed. It's not that I don't want a boyfriend I just don't have any experience with relationships and I'm scared of rejection. Am I the only one going through this? Or if u have anxiety and are in a relationship what is your advice/suggestions? Thank you!
  • Desperate for Relationship Anxiety Advice

    My anxiety surrounding my relationship is becoming unbearable; I am crippled by it. I am away at school and my boyfriend lives about an hour away. When I got to school, I missed him so much and was so lonely. Now that I have settled in, I am okay. But in the last couple months when he is not here with me, I get so anxious about our relationship. There is no particular reason, but I have anxiety attacks that end in my crying and wanting to end this relationship to feel some relief. I have gone down that road, but the relief was temporary. When he is here with me, it's as if none of these problems exist and my anxiety backs off. What is going on? I can't tell the difference between my anxiety and reality. I just don't know how to handle it and I'm desperate. I don't want to end this relationship, but it feels as if that is what my obsessive, racing thoughts are driving me to do. I don't want to live this way. Can anyone give me advice, or at least relate? Please.
  • Do you all....?

    I had something weird happen to me. Today was a very stressful day. I was yelled at in traffic for a very rude man, the traffic itself was horrible and difficult to deal with. I had two run ins with very rude shop keepers. I mean, the drivers were awful! I would feel myself start to get panicky, but I made it through and was able to keep it all under control. Then I got home and my throat started hurting and feeling tight, thus I worried about that...I kept telling myself it was just the anxiety, but you happens. Well, I decided to go get some comic books and this lady at the comic store mistook me as someone who worked there, I decided to help her anyway, but she was a really chatty lady and I had comics waiting at the front, so that was irritating to me. Then I got home and my kitten was being so bad again and I was having to scold her while I was trying to eat and that annoys me. My head was also hurting, probably from stress now that I think about it, which was causing me MORE stress... I tell you all of that to get to kind of add background info for when I get to my question. So, anyway, I'm sitting there, trying to eat and I just want to cry. So, I did. And I kept crying and kept crying and it started to scare me. And what happens when we get scared when we have anxiety and are all alone? We start to snowball. So, I went from crying to full on sobbing to worrying that I was going crazy. To me, I had handled everything, why was I still sad? Why did I want to cry? For me at the moment it felt out of nowhere and it made me feel like I was going crazy. Which, of course, brought up even more bad self-talk. I went and got my sister, paced around, and talked. She said that what probably happened was that all the stuff that had happened all day had probably just stressed me out. She was with me when it all happened in the day and she said it made her stressed too. Looking back on the day, I can see when I would be stressed. My question is do you all experience this? What do you do about it? How do I let things go? I don't want to carry around the stress from the jerk who yelled at me in traffic, or the bitchy shopkeep. I want to just let it go and let it not bother me. I feel like the MAJORITY of my anxiety and panic attacks are related to the fact I can't let things go and calm down. Even if I'm physically calm, mentally I apparently hold on to it. Any advice on how to let that all go? I have gotten so good at being able to calm the attacks, but I need advice and help on this part now. I feel like it is the second part to my recovery process.
  • Does anyone else feel like this?

    I have suffered severe anxiety for about three years now. I've tried lots of different techniques and therapists etc... It feels like I'll never get out of it. Does anyone else feel like this? And is there anything you do to help the situation?
  • Does anyone else feel physically tired but your mind won't stop?

    I am so tired of this stuff, ok it's like whenever I have something important to do like go to class in the morning the night before my eyes are burning and I know I feel I need to sleep but my head won't shut up. It's like I have to replay every detail of my day out before my brain says ok you processed every little freakin thing now you can sleep and it ends up being 4-5am and I can't drive when I'm super tired because of panic attack reasons and my school is 40 minutes away one way. But I don't know what to do? I'm seriously at my wit's end with this. I process everything at night but notice it more when I know I have to get up early then I'm screwed. Any suggestions ? I try going to bed at 9:30pm and it's now 1:57am ugh anyway yeah
  • Does anyone else get anxiety over your heart beat

    Ok so since I have had panic attacks and GAD from age 15 I have always had a very fast resting heart rate between 120-140 due to the anxiety. So when I take my Clonazepam it slows it down to the probably normal speed it should be at but I start to get panic attacks thinking that my heart is going to stop and I make myself cough I'll jump out of bed or stand up quickly to give myself a jolt to make my heart beat faster haha sonds weird I'm sure but I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar or just feedback to this. I have gone to my doc and had my heart and BP checked my doc sys I'm just an anxious person. Anyway yeah
  • Does anyone else mentally beat themselves up during a panic attack?

    When I get panic attacks, I will sometimes completely tear myself apart. I will beat myself up for things I had gotten over, anywhere from a month ago to several years ago. These feelings come back when I have a panic attack as though I had done nothing to resolve my feelings.

    For example, about a month ago I had to tell a friend that he needs to stop flirting with me because I have a boyfriend, and he was hurt by it but he understood. I've forgiven myself for hurting my friend and when I don't have anxiety, I hardly think of it. However, this past week I've been getting panic attacks for no reason. During these panic attacks, my mind races and I go back and think of all the bad things I've done and beat myself up about them, and I make myself feel like a horrible person. When I'm not feeling anxious, I know this is a silly thing to do, and I know I am not a bad person and shouldn't feel bad about these things, but it's difficult to maintain that thought when I'm in the middle of a panic attack. Does anyone else get this way? It would be reassuring to know that I'm not alone in feeling this way.
  • Does anyone experience tetany during panic attacks?

    I have had agoraphobia and panic attacks since I was 4 or 5. I am 19 now. I struggled for a while last year when I couldn't even leave the house but got on Lexapro and was able to go to college far away and feel a lot better. I have had less panic attacks now that time has passed but today, while driving, I had a random panic attack that I think was triggered by caffeine and high heart rate. My lower chest has a ton of pressure, pins and needles consumed my body, and my hands and, for the first time, my face muscles contorted (pucker-like) and my eyes became squinty. I could not move. It was scary because I was driving and was basically immobile. I knew this wasn't a heart attack because I have had the pins and needles/hand muscle spasms before, due to lack of proper breathing from panic. I talked myself down a little and was able to get home. 2 hours have passed and I still am sore and a little numb. I am nervous because I am flying for the first time in a while to D.C from Los Angeles and I am terrified this will happen on the plane. Does anyone have a similar experience? What do you take on a plane to calm down? Do you have anything that helps you distract yourself? Thank you.

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!