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panic attack

  • Heart palpitations trigger my panic attacks. help?

    I have an overwhelming fear of having a heart condition. I know nothing is wrong with me yet I still have horrible panic attacks that simulate the exact symptoms of a heart attack it only happens during the night and I'm trying to find a away to truly convince my mind nothing is wrong with me. id like to stop my panic attacks completely and live a normal life ive had this condition from the age of 10 and I'm 19 now.
  • help needed to get motivated and to start living???

    Suffered from panic and anxiety since I was 18 and I'm now approaching 40 I have spent all of those years just existing! I'm so tired just getting up and keeping to the same routine just so I feel comfortable and content. I feel nothing inside I cant even say I have any hobbies or interest anymore because there is no excitement left in me. People who don't know me think I'm the life and soul but its all fake I'm so miserable inside I have to force myself to do everything I do and don't look forward to anything. I used to love life I loved the outdoors, spending time around my family and friends (I see none of my friends now), going abroad and now even going to the cinema is an issue. I go but make sure its at a time when its going to be quiet and I sit tense until the film starts incase its going to get busy. Public transport is an absolute no no and even driving causes me issues at times as I start to think that things aren't real and that I don't have control of my car. I am able to work but ive been lucky asl my jobs have involved having few or none people around me but they are just dead end jobs with no prospects and just barely earn a wage to pay my bills. I'm pretty much done with waking up in the morning and feeling nothing and the only thing that keeps me going is my beautiful loving girlfriend who I love deeply but also feel like I'm holding her back so worry about that on top of the anxiety. Please if anyone has similar issues and would like to chat or even any advice on how to start to take control please feel free to contact me I would appreciate any help.
  • Help! New Here

    Hi Guys, I'm new here. 3 weeks ago I had chest pains, kinda burning, but subtle muscle pain. My wife had me go to urgent care because she was worried about my heart (I'm only 31). They said I may have pulled a muscle in my left peck after jabbing at my lymph nodes for a while. Fast forward to last week. I had it again and my breathing was more frequent and it felt like my heart was racing. We drive into town and about half way there my hands start to go tingly and numb and my breathing is faster and faster and I start to freak out. We pulled over and an ambulance met us and took me to the hospital. The EMT in the ambulance said my hands were tingly and numb because of my elevated breathing. So she helped me get it under control and checked my heard. Nothing wrong there, it was just a little high from me freaking out. Got to the hospital, they did a bunch of tests, EKG, even checked the enzyme that the heart kicks out when under stress, nothing healthy as can be, other than some elevated white blood cells, which was probably because I felt like I was coming down with a cold. So it was great to find out it was my heart and I was a little embarrassed about the whole situation, but was told I did the right thing because it was near impossible until I was hooked up to a machine to see that I wasn't having a heart attack. Quickly some of my symptoms when it gets bad: - Yawning a lot - Cold chills - Cold clammy hands - light dizziness - chest discomfort - slight burning in my left peck - tingly/slight numbing in hands - racing heart - irregular breathing - just consumes my mind, it's all I can focus on when it happens I got home and I took some gaviscon (for heart burn) and it was crazy how fast the chest tightness and pain went away. So I got some Zantac and started taking that everyday, all of a sudden all that stuff went away. Felt great. I stopped taking it about two days ago and my chest is back to where it was just before the hospital and I feel my breathing picking up again. I've never been formally diagnosed with anxiety but I definitely know the signs and I say I do. So question, Does this sound remotely familiar to anyone? Is this just anxiety causing acid reflux, causing chest tightness, causing more anxiety and elevated breathing and basically spiraling out of control? If so, what are some things I can do to get this under control. I recently (as of January) started working from home and previously to that never had these issues. Not sure if being cooped up is adding to this as well. Thanks for everyone that stuck through that essay and can provide some help. I sure do need it. Thank you
  • Hi everyone! I was wondering some coping mechanisms for panic attacks. I have to go off my meds for over a week and It's already giving me a panic attack just thinking about the panic attacks I might have while I'm off the meds.

    Hi everyone! I was wondering some coping mechanisms for panic attacks. I have to go off my meds for over a week and It's already giving me a panic attack just thinking about the panic attacks I might have while I'm off the meds.
  • How can i stop my anxiety when i eat out

    so every time i go out to eat or just eat with friends and my boyfriend i got so anxious that i just cant eat. it turns my stomach and makes me so nauseous that i just cant do anything and i am getting tired of this.
  • How do I sleep with anxiety?

    I have so much trouble falling asleep for my anxiety becomes overwhelming and I am unable to relax enough to fall asleep. The smallest of sounds shake me and when I feel myself drifting off I fret and bolt upright and panic. I don't want to take medication for this, I have a health condition that prohibits me from taking such medications.
  • how do u diagnose if your dr doesn't tell u what u have

  • How do you tell a panic attack from just high anxiety?

    I often feel very anxious such as tight chest, hard to breathe, pounding heart, for no reason. It comes on slowly and can last for hours and even all day. I am often told these symptoms are panic attacks but they are not short. I also get sudden stomach aches that come and go and some doctors call them panic attacks while others don't. Very confused.
  • How supportive are the people on here? Or am I wasting my time?

    Is there a good amount of people who are supportive and willing to talk on here or will I get nothing from this and end up wasting my time?
  • how to calm down after a breakdown

    Ok so I recently got caught by my mother while I was secretly watching kpop videos on my school iPad, and she went through my iPad, which gives me extreme anxiety. She finally gave it back, and I am now in my room having a nervous breakdown. I can barely stop crying and I can't breathe and my heart is pounding and I can't calm down. What I normally do when I get like this is watch funny kpop videos on YouTube, but I can't do that now or else my mom will get mad at me. If I tell her that when she does that, it gives me anxiety, she will just get suspicious and not help at all. She knows about my anxiety, but she doesn't really understand it. I have to stop crying and having anxiety over things like this, but I can't use my usual method and I'm freaking out. I'm trying deep breaths, etc. but it's not working. And whenever I think about it it just makes me start crying again. Please help me out here!
  • How to deal with anxiety without medication

    I have been professionally diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder, and my parents don't really understand it or take it seriously. Because of that, they don't understand the struggle I go through almost every day, the anxiety I feel even when going to school or talking to my friends or doing activities that I enjoy. I was wondering if anyone knows any ways to handle anxiety on this level without medication? My brother has ADD and he is heavily medicated, and my parents have a ton of stress dealing with that. I am supposed to see a psychologist to help with my needs, but I have only seen her once, and that was to be diagnosed. I want to be able to go through life and know what it's like to not have anxiety about every little thing, without medication or hypnosis and stuff like that. Are there any methods you have for dealing with anxiety without medicine?
  • How to deal with anxiety?

    I have been suffering with anxiety and/or stress for a couple of months now. My symptoms include: 1. Panic attacks - rapid heart rate, palpitations, thoughts of impending doom, inability to calm down, shortness of breath; 2. Diahorrea every couple of weeks; 3. Tingling feeling in hands and hot/cold flashes; 4. Tiredness; 5. Difficulty falling asleep; 6. Concentrating on all of the bad things; 7. Complete inability to relax; 8. Worrying about health issues; 9. Weight loss; etc, etc - ths list seems endless I'm not even sure if all of these are symtoms of anxiety but I just did an online test on some scam website (which I then found my way here) which seemes to suggest all fo these were symptoms - I was surprised as I thought some of them were from some underlying health issue that the doctors couldn't find, seems to make sense that they would all be related to anxiety and the test listed every single symptom I have! I've been struggling with this for a couple of months now, I thought it was a gastrointestinal problem at first, it may well have been as I found out I was lactose intolerant and had gastroenteritis at the time but it seems to have developed into a psychological issue. I have a stressful and demnading job, which won't change, but this has never been a problem for me and I always enjoyed being busy and was generally an extrovert. Now, I can barely cope with my day to day life, everything is a challenge, I have given up going to the gym and sauna for fear of heart issues, I don't like going out anymore, goign to the doctors fills me with dread (I'm having physio at the moment for a foot injury which doesn't help matters). I was supposed to have a test to see if I have high blood pressure but 3 hours into the 24 hour monitor I couldn't take it anymore - I was having a full blown panic attack having watched my blood pressure rise every 30 minutes for 3 hours, focussing solely on this, and ripped the damn thing off, went for a walk and managed to calm myself down. I'm not sure I have high blood pressure generally - I think I have an anxiety problem and need to get a grip on it. I used to enjoy meditation but now I find it triggers my panic attacks (trying to relax is when I notice my heart beat and begin to panic). I just don't know what to do anymore. Its even more difficult because I am based in a foreing country where I don't speak the native language so CGT/psychiatric treatment would be extremely difficult. Just could use some help...
  • How to make freinds dont have any and dropped out of school and have social anxiety

  • How to stop feeling bad?

    Hi everyone, just joined the club. Probably one of the most asked question here I guess. I'm very confused with what's happening to me, I'm having rashes all over my body and panic attacks very often for what seems to be no reason. I keep being sick, throat pain, UTI, stomach pain... a whole bunch of stuff that I don't understand. I'm usually not an anxious person, it's very recent to me but it's starting to be severe and it scares me. I don't really know what to do, who should I see, what should I do? Thank you for your help
  • I feel like I'm going crazy. Help!

    The past few days I have been feeling terrible. I don't know how much longer I can take it. This is going to sound weird but I keep having scary, uncontrollable thoughts that I am going insane or I'm possessed. I can't sleep at night because I keep getting sensations of being startled awake. My anxiety is making me feel physically ill. My heart has been palpitating constantly, I just took my pulse and it's 96 bpm sitting down. My chest feels heavy. This is not the first time I have experienced this. I am afraid I might end up in the emergency room or mental hospital. I don't know if it's a panic attack or side effect from my meds ( I take sertraline Zoloft and Abilify). Has anyone else here experienced this? How do I make it go away? Please help.
  • I have a fb group on the benefits of marijuana for healing but so many of my older fbf's are getting anxiety after using it like in their coffee etc.. why the anxiety and what can they do to combat it?

  • I think Ive had my first panic attack?

    I was at work today and I'll of a sudden I felt like my body was lurching, my heart started racing my hands where cold and clammy and tingling I felt like I couldn't see I had to keep leaving the room before eventually going home. I've never felt so scared I was thinking that I was going to die.. I've had anxiety a long time but I've never felt anything like that. Does anyone know if this is a panic attack or something else? I'm also now extremely tired. Is that normally? In the state I was in I started thinking I must have meningitis symptoms I couldn't calm down lol.
  • If you suffer from anxiety and panic. Could you help me out do you think. I'd like to know what are the main issues or problems you struggle with? So for example: Don't know how to get over panic, can' get a quiet mind, Feel depressed everyday etc

    Hi Everyone This question has arisen because a few of the anxiety clients I work with can't see me on the phone or face to face because they find it to overwhelming. I can't bear to abandon them so I am thinking of creating a special membership site to help them and at least give them the option to PM me etc. So that's why I need your help. I really really want to help these people. A passion born out of my own long and troubled battle with depression/phobias/anxieties/suicide. Although those days were dark days on a personal level for me, they give me the drive to help educate and help people overcome their anxieties. So if you could spare a few minutes of your time and write down what are the main struggles you have with anxiety/panic then you'll not only be helping me but helping the world at large. And let's face it the world really needs help out there. So some things you might write down are: Don't know how to get over panic, Can't sleep at night/mind noisy, how do i..., why can't i... etc. Thank you and before you ask this isn't selling. Just fact finding:) Best wishes Shaan White
  • Is there a buddy system where we can support each other during episodes?

    I think it would be great to have some sort of buddy system where we can count on someone to communicate with (doesn't matter how: skype, messaging, etc) that would benefit each person get past their episode.
  • Is this a panic/anxiety attack?

    I'm not exactly sure if I do have anxiety, but the symptoms I am having are ones that others seem to also experience (with anxiety). I was so scared today.
    I was in the toilet because I felt liable to break at any point and I didn't want anyone to see.
    I was drowning in bad, repetitive thoughts. They wouldn't get out of my head. It was like a thousand eternal screams all at once, different, clashing tones, never ceasing. I found myself banging my head on the door trying to make it go away.
    Then I had to sit down. I almost fell. Everything was spinning. I suddenly realised how quickly I was breathing. The walls of the toilet cubicle suddenly seemed like they were falling in on me. Everything kept swirling, I wasn't sure whether I was upside down or not, I could feel my chest rising and falling so fast.
    Eventually it seemed to calm down. It stopped spinning. The walls went back to normal. I was still breathing fast. I'm scared. Is this what an anxiety attack feels like?

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!