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  • How do I get the moderator to approve the groups I'm trying to make? I already tired to make 3

  • How do I not feel drained in my own home?

    Hey, so I just joined. Some back story for the above question: My husband and I invited a friend to move in with us about a year ago. This friend had just graduated college was kicked out of her parents home and was jobless. Now this friend has a job. All three of us have some mental health issues. I have anxiety/depression which I take medication for. My husband has some anger/paranoia which he goes to a counselor and therapist for. Our friend has depression. Anyway recently it seems like everyone is just tense. My husband and this friend at separate times come to me with near identical complaints about the other and how they won't listen, are toxic and manipulative etc. Additionally this friend is constantly complaining about how they don't have friends, how we don't care about them, how we never spend time with them. I am already incredibly drained from long unpredictable work hours and doings tasks all day long that tax my anxiety. Like public speaking, phone calls, open office environment, etc. When I get home I do try to be available for my friend but there works hours are even longer and more unpredictable than mine. However I just I feel like I am walking on eggshells in my own home. I don't know what to do. Does anyone have any advice or resources I can use?
  • How do you deal with the fear of being unloveable? Of never finding love?

  • How supportive are the people on here? Or am I wasting my time?

    Is there a good amount of people who are supportive and willing to talk on here or will I get nothing from this and end up wasting my time?
  • How to deal with the post Christmas fallout where your social anxiety/GAD kept you from being social with friends/family and being good company?

    Family I live with invited lots of friends and family for Christmas. For the past week, I was having a major breakdown and feeling very anxious and depressed in general and felt that way during Christmas day. I just couldn't handle anything more than 10 - 15 minutes of socialization at a time. Suffice to say, not only was I bad company and just could not muster up any excitement or expressions of happiness, I would just leave after a few minutes of stilted conversation and go hibernate in my room all by myself. I can tell that my behavior really insulted the woman who has treated me like a daughter by letting me stay in her house, with her family all for free while I got my life in order. What makes me sure that I am not overreacting is that a few weeks ago, she was talking about a person she hates and the crux of her dislike is that she felt used by them because the person would do stuff like get their Christmas gifts from her and then leave a few minutes later without sticking around for conversation (essentially what I did...) I have mentioned to her in the past that I had depression (though in reality, I still do) and the response I had gotten back from her back then that depression and anxiety is complete bullshit and that people who can't handle life are just not determined/strong enough. I am okay with her not being understanding of depression/anxiety because she is always there for me in all the other ways I need (will always listen to me, makes sure I eat regularly, lets me a live a wonderful and independently while I finish up with school, etc) I just feel like an utter failure and a complete disappointment and so utterly humiliated that I acted like that on Christmas day...I knew how important it was for this person to have all the people she loved there and hanging out together but I just acted like a stranger in front of all these people I have personally met, like and am liked by. I am not sure how I would even apologize for something like this.
  • How to make freinds dont have any and dropped out of school and have social anxiety

  • I always feel anxious if I'm around people who look better than me

    I feel very anxious when I'm around people better looking than me or who know more information than me, I can't help it and really want to become confident. Please help?
  • I am terrified of people, help?

    I am terrified of people and it's making me agoraphobic, how can I get my life back?
  • I am terrified of people, help?

    [list] I am terrified of people and it's making me agoraphobic, how can I get my life back? [/list]
  • I am terrified of people, help?

    [list] I am terrified of people and it's making me agoraphobic, how can I get my life back? [/list]
  • Is there a buddy system where we can support each other during episodes?

    I think it would be great to have some sort of buddy system where we can count on someone to communicate with (doesn't matter how: skype, messaging, etc) that would benefit each person get past their episode.
  • Isolated but looking to move forward

    OK so I wondered if anyone else has been affected by anxiety to the point that maybe referring to yourself as a shut in seemed to make sense? I have gotten to the point that I rarely go out for anything anymore, especially since my relationship of several years that gave me some strength has ended but my therapist is not very helpful and I am not sure how or actually even what the next step is. How do others move forward?
  • No dating groups?

    Why are there no dating groups on here. This is pretty much like facebook for the neurotic so why not have groups like that. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be interested in finding someone I could have a real connection with and also understands exactly what I'm going through regarding mental Illnesses. I have nothing against the other groups that already exist but I also think that intimacy would be a great addition to the groups. Finding love in no way can be a bad thing so what do you say to that guys? Wanna make that happen?
  • ptsd

    anyone come out a traumatic event after just a week, i believe i blocked it all out
  • When do people know that they are gay?

    This is pretty interesting situation. I was in a club with my friends, dancing. There we met many different people. While I was dancing someone kissed me an grab my boobs. When I turned around, It was one cute girl, smiling. She looked pretty young,. Now I am amazed, could she be really gay?
  • where do we live

    I move around a lot so I spend a lot of time alone. so out of curiosity I was wondering if there were people on this site that lives near me. this way we can work together stepping out that door and living life, instead of watching it go by. David P South Carolina...been living here for almost three years
  • Worrying about people's thoughts

    I always have anxiety about my friends, like my brain likes to convince me that they don't like me and that I'm super annoying and a burden to hang out with. :/ I know it's not true, but those thoughts are still constant! Anyone experience this? Advice?? I also have OCD so it could be that. And I'm always afraid they have a much better time hanging with other people than me lol.

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!