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  • Anxiety and relationships?

    Does anxiety get in the way of you entering relationships? I feel depressed a lot of the times thinking that my anxiety gets in the way of me meeting people. When meeting new people I immediately feel scared that I am no good for them; that they are getting more than they bargained for, because they'd find out about my anxiety and not care to know me anymore.
    So many women worry about being attractive enough to other people, but I can't even worry about that because my anxiety is so much more of a pressing matter to me.
    I'd really like to make some friends in real life who have similar problems with anxiety, who will share an unspoken understanding of things with me, who will understand that if I'm not excited to do something with them it's not because I don't want to, but it's because I am afraid of loosing control. I currently do not have any friends with anxiety, and it makes me feel pretty alienated. If anyone has had similar experiences or advice, I'd love to hear it. Thanks.
  • Desperate for Relationship Anxiety Advice

    My anxiety surrounding my relationship is becoming unbearable; I am crippled by it. I am away at school and my boyfriend lives about an hour away. When I got to school, I missed him so much and was so lonely. Now that I have settled in, I am okay. But in the last couple months when he is not here with me, I get so anxious about our relationship. There is no particular reason, but I have anxiety attacks that end in my crying and wanting to end this relationship to feel some relief. I have gone down that road, but the relief was temporary. When he is here with me, it's as if none of these problems exist and my anxiety backs off. What is going on? I can't tell the difference between my anxiety and reality. I just don't know how to handle it and I'm desperate. I don't want to end this relationship, but it feels as if that is what my obsessive, racing thoughts are driving me to do. I don't want to live this way. Can anyone give me advice, or at least relate? Please.
  • Does anyone have anxiety related to dating?

    One of my biggest anxiety issues is when it comes to dating. I have dated and had relationships but not many and mainly because the idea of a first date scares the crap outta me. Not so much the date or the guy as the whole, what if I have an attack while on that date and it all goes to crap. I know there's nothing to be nervous about, that I'll be find and that the end result of being in a relationship is great but sometimes I get stuck in my own head. Any thoughts, suggestions, comments??
  • How do I get the moderator to approve the groups I'm trying to make? I already tired to make 3

  • How do you deal with the fear of being unloveable? Of never finding love?

  • How do you support your spouse who suffers from GAD

    Hi everyone, Just joined as my spouse has recently been diagnosed with G.A.D. It's becoming more and more severe and focuses mainly around his career and also our relationship. Is there anyone out there that knows of any good support groups for spouses in the NYC area? Or that has any suggestions based on experience. I want to find the best way to love and support him and to not take it personally. Thank you so much in advance. Best, LB79
  • How to deal with anxiety in long distance relationships?

    I've been with someone for a while now, and the situation is complicated, but, he now lives in another state living his life doing really well. He's an addict and has been clean for almost 9 months. Every time I see him doing well I always get anxious and either want to be with him or want what he has. He's doing so well I'm jealous of his recovery. I want that with myself and my anxiety, and it's so hard for me to be happy because my anxiety always freaks out. I can never tell why and I'm usually able to understand why I'm getting anxious but never in these situations. Anyone have any help or support?
  • I want to grow closer to people but I can't?

    Ever since I was young I haven't really been the type to get friends easily-- I remember feeling pressured by my mom, who would constantly ask elementary/middle-schooler me why would I sit alone during lunchtime (my mom would often drive past the school in the morning on her way to the store and other places and she'd notice me there). Now I'm a highschooler and well-- given the fact that I deal with social anxiety I tend to get nervous and/or become distant if strangers or just acquaintances are nearby. It's something like "nope, I don't want to talk to you. Nope. No. Stay away from me. Let's all mind our own business ohgodtheyareapproachingme" Anyway, uh, to the point-- I DO have friends and want to grow closer to them but I have a really hard time doing so. I don't know when I'm being too clingy or too distant and I usually back off before they get a chance to do or say anything, thinking I might be too annoying or even creepy. I have asked my friends if they found me annoying or creepy and they said no, that they liked me for who I was, but still... It's really bothersome. For example, when I want to talk to a friend about something that happened to me but I end up thinking they won't care or will somehow get angry/annoyed. Or when I'm just trying to find a topic to talk about but I fear they might be not interested. I'm pretty sure that to them I come off as this quiet and distant, distracted and clutzy girl (the last two because I daydream a LOT and get distracted stupidly easily). Sorry for going off topic (if I did)! I would like to hear your opinion. Advice would be appreciated!
  • I'm scared to break up...

    So I have been with my boyfriend for over 2 and a half years... we both have been through tons together but over a year ago I made the decision that I didn't feel like I loved him anymore... he wasn't supportive of me when I had anorexia, I then was diagnosed with pre cervical cancer and still he wasn't supportive. It was all about weed. It's been way over a year and iv tried to ignore these signs. But is this what's causing my anxiety? The fact I'm pushing myself to be with someone who doesn't help me and has different interests to me etc. I'm scared of breaking up with him... I'm also scared of the after math or how he could react...
  • is anyone else so terrified of mentally hurting someone in a relationship that you cant even start one without panicking?

    I am so terrified that I may lose interest in someone in the long run that I cant even get close to someone. My thoughts race right after meeting them and I don't feel better till I run away from it. I am scared I will never be able to have a normal relationship again.
  • Need help with relationship anxiety

    Hi, I proposed a girl last year and got turned down by her. A few weeks ago I received a text from him reading that she wants to be with me. I readily accepted her proposal. We have been a relationship two weeks ago but I dont get the feeling that we are in a relationship. There are no butterflies in my stomach. We rarely text. I asked her multiple times to talk over the phone but she said that she is too busy to talk. I dont like this. I am under constant pressure that things are not going as well as they should. I am always thinking about her. But I dont think she feels the same about me. I need help with this!! this anxiety is destroying my mental balance. Regards Relationship Newbie.
  • QUESTION TO EVERYBODY. Cheating IS Cheating is it not?

    Somebody I know thinks that cheating is only "real" cheating if you sleep with someone or touch them sexually. This is a question to EVERYBODY, what do you think cheating is? Is she right to say that cheating is only if they fuck them. Or is it like what she did where she was busy loving someone else for 3 months while I wasn't looking?
  • Relationship anxiet prevents me from starting one...

    Hello, anyone feels really anxious when starting a new relationship? With people you want, but your belly gets really acting strange, and you are just afraind to the point of leaving the relationship? if so, how to deal with that, i'm tired of "wasting" good relationships at the begining and regret later... every freaking time!!!
  • relationship anxiety

    How do you deal with anxiety in your relationship? I often have thoughts that force me to rethink everything good that I have, including my relationship with my amazing boyfriend. For example, when we're having a good time a thought creeps in that says "you aren't having fun, you are faking this." The thoughts become so intense and obsessive that I begin to question whether my relationship is right. There is absolutely nothing about it that should make me think this. How can I move past this, quiet these thoughts and enjoy my relationship? I'm at a breaking point.
  • Trouble controlling ruminating thoughts about past relationship

    I'm having a lot of trouble getting over my past relationship. It lasted about 5 years on and off, full of break ups and jealously about other partners and getting back together, extremely toxic. At the end of the relationship I was weaning off medication, which I now realized my ex convinced me to do (yes f**ed up I know), she wanted to take care of me through the healing process. I was very weak and started developing agoraphobia and turned into half the person I used to be, she got sick of taking care of me (surprise), and left me and moved out state, moving on quickly, sleeping with multiple people weeks after the break and going on with her life as if I had never existed. I am getting better and starting to finally become myself again, but it has been 10 months and I still feel a lot of pain in my heart. I still have ruminating thoughts about how I'm not good enough for her, and by association anyone. I keep replaying all of the wrongs I had in the relationship, and not allowing myself to see any good and move on. As a result I've become pretty bitter and don't have much love in my life at all anymore, I've cut off most of my friends, and have not spent time any time dating since the ruminating thoughts keep me from seeing anyone until I "improve myself". Has anyone come out of a hurtful relationship like this, and taken a little longer than usual to heal? Any tips on stopping the ruminating thoughts? I'm tired of beating myself up, I know I'm a good person but my anxieties sometimes keep me from seeing that.


we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!