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  • "Jolts" "Jump starts" when trying to sleep?

    Hi, I'm extremely new to the site as well as new to trying to get help for my anxiety and depression at all. I know I have anxiety and occasional depressive episodes, but not sure if they fall under mild, moderate, or severe yet because I have yet to get a diagnosed or even see a therapist yet (my first session is next week). Recently I've developed some trouble sleeping after a depressive/anxious episode that lasted for a few weeks, and I'm writing to see if what I'm experiencing may be anxiety and to see if anyone else has dealt with it. Like the title states, when I start to drift to sleep, I get these weird impulses that feel like a sort of jumpstart to my system, basically pulling me from the brink of falling asleep and sending this kind of "wake up" signal. I usually feel these jolts either in my brain or my chest. When I do go to sleep, I get night sweats. I noticed them toward the end of last month. The jolts kinda went away for a week or so, but I think they may be coming back. Of course, I am going to see a doctor to rule out sleep apnea as well, but wanted to know if anyone with anxiety has experienced this sensation and if you all have any tips to help me out. Thanks!
  • Anxiety and sleep?

    Hey everyone. Im currently suffering from insomnia.
    This happens like every 1-2 months. Mostly then, when im trying to bring my sleep cycle in balance.
    Im now awake for 3 days, i had so far i know only 6 hours (?) of sleep in these 3 days. Ive tried to sleep again today, but no success.

    Basically, its like this. If i didnt slept well, or didnt slept at all, i tend to fear the next night afterwards. My mind gets flooded by questions over questions: "Will i sleep tonight? What if not? Am i going to die if not? What if i can not manage the next day? Will this now go on forever?" Its just stacking up to an extreme level. And then, when it comes to the point where i go to bed, i get very unconfortable and get nearly panic attacks. Im TIRED, but my mind wont let me sleep at all. Even if i lay for like 2-3 hours there, it wont stop. My brain keeps alarming everything. Now im heading for the next night, and i feel not good at all. Its just torture if you roll to the left, to the right, feeling anxious the whole night, and then you get up without any sleep.

    I have honestly no idea what to do tonight, nothing seems to help. Im not thinking about of taking pills or something.

    Would be nice if someone would help, or had made this experience and would share it.
  • Anyone has experienced this?

    Ok, i got really nervous today, i wanted to try and take just benzos at night, and lexapro after breakfast (doctor said 1/2 tablet of bromazepam every 12 hours and lexapro after breakfast) but being the weather over here hot, and this weird feeling of not being tired since i started with my anxiety/panic attack outbreak, it´s really breaking me apart.

    I don´t know if its the secondary effects of the meds, or the fact that im not sleeping on my own bed, in my own room ( i have to share the bedroom with my dad and my sis because we are taking care of my grandmother at her house), it´s hot at night, my father snoring all getting crazy !

    Since i started with this horrible panic attacks / OCD thoughts and started taking anti depressants, if i sleep well or not at night, i can´t really feel it because i have these strange sensation all the god damn day! I know i sleep at least some hours because i remember my dreams, then wake up because of noises in the room ( someone going to the bathroom, cars outside, etc),and sleep/dreaming a little again. I wake up at least like 3 times at nights... I told my doctor about this but he just said i was gonna have some negative effects the first weeks ( today just marks my first week of treatment) and also that i never experienced anxiety this much and it´s all a result of my mind... but im getting scared...

    So, i ask you guys, is it normal to not experience being tired physically and mentally while having a lot of anxiety and taking meds?
  • Does anyone else have morning depression?

    When I wake up I feel horrible but after a few hours it completely goes away. Help? I have had GAD for years but this is new.
  • Does anyone wake up in a panic attack at night?

    Who is awakened by panic at night?
  • Fear of disturbance of sleep?

    Does anyone have panic attacks when they cannot fall asleep? i.e. someone keeping them awake, snoring, etc.
  • How do I sleep with anxiety?

    I have so much trouble falling asleep for my anxiety becomes overwhelming and I am unable to relax enough to fall asleep. The smallest of sounds shake me and when I feel myself drifting off I fret and bolt upright and panic. I don't want to take medication for this, I have a health condition that prohibits me from taking such medications.
  • How do you cope with psychomotor agitation?

    Does anyone have to deal much with psychomotor agitation? I lay down to go to sleep, so tired, but my thoughts start going and next thing I know I just can't be still, I'm tapping and rubbing and writhing in my bed and of course I can't sleep like that. I get more upset with my thoughts, they get more serious, I have to get up or take knockout drugs I hate it. I wake up this morning before the drug haze even fully wears off and again it's the thoughts and agitation and feeling compelled to move... I just wanted to finish sleeping the benzos off, but, no. I'm jumping out of the bed tripping out again. That last part isn't exactly unusual, I wake up that way frequently at times, but the physical agitation and maddening need to move, like it will help release the anxiety (but never actually pays out), this is not typical. I can't remember the last time the physical agitation component was so bad, if ever. How can I cope with this?
  • How do you stop your mind racing?

    What works for you? I can't seem to stop my mind and thoughts racing at all. The only time I have a bit of peace is when I'm asleep. It's actually driving me insane!
  • I'm experiencing dreams that are probably caused by my medication, very vivid and always related to past experiences. They disrupt my sleep and I never wake up feeling rested. Does anyone else have this happen to them or know what to do about it?

  • Monophobia- Fear of Being Alone

    Does anyone else suffer from monophobia (fear of being alone)? I have a terrible time sleeping at night in an empty house. Any suggestions?
  • y anxiety and depression have been so bad I'm not even finding relief in sleep. I can't get to sleep. Any suggestions?


we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!