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social anxiety

  • How do I get the moderator to approve the groups I'm trying to make? I already tired to make 3

  • How the heck do I find a therapist? (or any medical professional that could help in general)

    I'm planning on seeing a therapist for my problems (social anxiety, not diagnosed, so that's a problem). I don't know what to look for and what's right for me, do I need a counselor, do I need a psychologist, psychiatrist? Which one is right for me? What do I look for and note when looking for one (medical professional)? And what if I was never checked and diagnosed? Am I qualified to get help from a psychologist? How do I even start omg I have so many questions I can't even write right now. What do I look for in therapists? What do i need to look for when looking at therapists profile online. Please help. Excuse this messy question. I have many symptoms of social anxiety and desperately need help of some sort. Feel free to add additional information on how you found your therapist if you got one. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Also I wanna add, I'm looking at Psychology Today therapist finder and what do I look at in there that's important? Thank you.
  • I feel detached, Spaced out, Extremely weird ALL THE TIME, and developing OCD?

    Hello, my name is Andrew. I am only 15 (almost about 16, birthday coming up) and I have been experiencing this... Mental issue, for some time. There are TWO types of problems I want to cover. This first erupted around June 2014. My family got some sort of stomach virus or got food poisoning except me and my mother, this REALLY put some fright into me. This caused a fear of mine to become more than just a normal fear. When my family got sick, I avoided them as much as possible. I secluded myself in my room to stay away from them and to make sure I did not get sick as the fear I was and still am experiencing is vomiting. I can't really explain why I fear or hate it. I just do. The thought of me vomiting was not really a big deal a long time ago, but now it is far more serious. The current thought of me vomiting triggers constant worry about what I eat, what I eat out of, what I drink, What I drink out of or from, what I touch, what breathe in, and or whatever I even put into my body. I cant stop worrying. This also triggers constant paranoia and sometimes anxiety. The anxiety was REALLY BAD at first. I seem to have developed OCD, for germs especially. I don't really care if my room or if the house looks or is a mess. Just things that could get me sick if not clean or clear such as a glass cup, if it is not clean or is spotty from water or soap residue I will clean it my self and probably waste a lot of hot water cleansing a cup that I am going to use for 30 seconds. I will NOT eat anything unless I check the expiration date first. If it is a day over or a day before expiration, I will NOT eat it. Anything that doesn't have a expiration date on it, I will mostly avoid eating or ingesting it. I have lost weight (around 20+ pounds or lbs) because of this. At first I was just never really hungry because I had no appetite and because I could get sick (Only a bit though), but now it's always because I always think that it could or can make me sick. This is only half my problem.

    Another problem I have is some weird feeling I get. I can't really put my finger on it. When I am at home or in public, I feel very detached, spaced out, or just... weird and strange. This is constant. I cant take it. This started a bit after the stomach issue and anxiety issue occurrence. I first wouldn't leave my room or even my bed. I was having full blown depression, on the verge of suicide. I wouldn't eat, I couldn't sleep. Just lay there waiting to die. I am trying my best to get over this, I am doing better than I was when THIS started. The only thing stopping me is... well... some sort of mental block? I don't know, I seem to also worry about hanging out with friends, going outside, or doing any type of activity that requires leaving my house. There is so much I WANT to do. I want to get into a couple activities, but I keep worrying about getting sick or having anxiety attack right there on the spot. One part of me says "Go do it, you want to do it so just do it!", but the other part of me says "What if this? What if that? Maybe this will happen! You shouldn't do it if this or that!", and one very small part of me says "Don't even think about it, go and do it. Why do you think so much just GO! You will be fine". One thing I ask is. Will I be alright? Is this just a weird thing? (Cant really explain it better than "weird thing") I also feel like I am all alone on this now, I think that my family no longer supports me as I see I am getting punished for feeling like this. I get yelled at for feeling like this and or even defending myself on this matter. I don't want to explain this feeling as this is kinda eye watering for me to talk, type, or write about.

    Please help. I don't want to experience this anymore, I cannot take or deal with this anymore, how do I go about solving this or healing this??? What do I do? Help!

    EDIT: I also think Depersonalization and or "Brain Fog" has something to do with this...
  • I feel uncomfortable with everyone / I don't feel comfortable with anyone.

    I don't feel comfortable with anyone at all. Ok so, I'm a teenager and I don't have many friends at ALL. And the ones that I do have, I don't even know if I can call them my friends because I'm uncomfortable around them? Like we talk and text a lot about many things and so we're close right but when I actually get to meet them in person it's like I'm really uncomfortable to the point that when they leave, it's like phew *breath of relief*. Anyway, does anybody else feel that way? And what can I do and change so that I could stop feeling this way? I would just really like to be better and hang out with my friends but it's hard because of that. I never got help yet, so anybody with experience with this please help? Thank you very much.
  • I want to grow closer to people but I can't?

    Ever since I was young I haven't really been the type to get friends easily-- I remember feeling pressured by my mom, who would constantly ask elementary/middle-schooler me why would I sit alone during lunchtime (my mom would often drive past the school in the morning on her way to the store and other places and she'd notice me there). Now I'm a highschooler and well-- given the fact that I deal with social anxiety I tend to get nervous and/or become distant if strangers or just acquaintances are nearby. It's something like "nope, I don't want to talk to you. Nope. No. Stay away from me. Let's all mind our own business ohgodtheyareapproachingme" Anyway, uh, to the point-- I DO have friends and want to grow closer to them but I have a really hard time doing so. I don't know when I'm being too clingy or too distant and I usually back off before they get a chance to do or say anything, thinking I might be too annoying or even creepy. I have asked my friends if they found me annoying or creepy and they said no, that they liked me for who I was, but still... It's really bothersome. For example, when I want to talk to a friend about something that happened to me but I end up thinking they won't care or will somehow get angry/annoyed. Or when I'm just trying to find a topic to talk about but I fear they might be not interested. I'm pretty sure that to them I come off as this quiet and distant, distracted and clutzy girl (the last two because I daydream a LOT and get distracted stupidly easily). Sorry for going off topic (if I did)! I would like to hear your opinion. Advice would be appreciated!


we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!