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  • Is there a link between anxiety and Sex Addiction?

    Could this two things be connected in any way? I heard that pornography reduces levels of stress and anxiety in the short term.
  • Monophobia- Fear of Being Alone

    Does anyone else suffer from monophobia (fear of being alone)? I have a terrible time sleeping at night in an empty house. Any suggestions?
  • Obsessive skin picking and hair pulling

    I've struggled with OCD all my life, and part of that includes dermatillomania (skin picking) and trichtillomania (hair pulling). In the last 6 years or so, I've gotten infinitely worse with both, to the point of causing significant harm to myself on a regular basis. Typically I pick at my arms, shoulders, and scalp more than anywhere else, but any sort of bump, scab, or other irregularity anywhere on my skin will set me off. And with the hair pulling, no part of me is safe, except for my head (suprisingly) - ingrown hairs are the bane of my existence, combining both issues. The thing is, most of the time I have no idea I'm even doing it anymore until I've already drawn blood, and by then it's near impossible for me to stop. The few people I spend time with typically have to restrain my hands until the obsessive urges pass, which takes a long time. I'm covered in scars from digging at my skin and I'm really tired of it. Nothing I've tried to stop or even lessen the damage and frequency has helped, I always subconsciously find some workaround to satisfy the obsessions. Keeping my nails short and bandaging my fingertips, wearing long sleeves and hats to cover my most problematic areas, hiding my tweezers and pumice stones, none of that has been and be to slow me down. I take ativan for my anxiety and panic attacks, and even that doesn't settle me down with it. I've even tried acupuncture, aromatherapy, and hypnotherapy, but to no avail. I'm just at a complete loss on what to do. I hate that I'm hurting myself, and even more I hate that it upsets my loved ones when they see me stuck in the compulsive picking and pulling or see the damage from it. It doesn't even seem to just be triggered by stress/anxiety/anger/excitement or anything anymore, it just happens all the time. I'm desperate to stop it, and would love some suggestions on how to successfully combat this. Is this something I can even get control over?
  • Ringing of the ears

    So for the past day or so iv had a quiet but annoying ringing in my ear. Im only 19 and i started worrying whether it was tinnitus... is it just my anxiety making an appearance?
  • stress and anxiety

    does stress intensify your anxiety?
  • Sudden panics after 2 yrs break

    I have a sudden panic that attacked me while driving one day, mouth dehydration, feeling down, gastric disorder, weaken muscles, breathing disorder, and since that time it happened to me 3 times while driving too in one week? I am on Lustral 50 mg per day and Inderal 10mg since 2 years 1 pill from each daily intake, I was very good before that with the medications but now I m always worried and self concerned with any disorder in my body and always anxious.......does my life affect, because I have no job for 2 yrs and i get to kids and short amount of money?
  • Uncontrollable shaking?

    Hi All, I have a condition that made me sick a few days ago and it causes severe anxiety to form. I've gotten checked out from several doctors and they all said that the symptoms that I'm having are not from the condition but contribute this shaking and muscle pain from anxiety, and also the fact that I am starting a new job on Monday (Sep 16). However, ever since Sunday (Sept 8th). I cant get no more that 3 hours of sleep at a time because I wake up shaking uncontrollably. Has this happened to anyone else and if so, how did you combat it?
  • What are the common symptoms of stress?

    In four groups can be arranged stress symptoms physical, psychological, emotional and behavioral. Does anyone know which symptoms are common?
  • What could I do to not be so anxious when in public?

    Hi I'm new here and I'd really like some advice. I've realized that I've had anxiety since my last couple years of highschool. I've always been doubtful and nervous ever since, and I think it's mostly because my dad was never around to give me the confidence and security, that I needed. I never even knew this until someone pointed it out to me. My mom was never there for me emotionally, and has always questioned everything that I do or say. When I try to tell her what's wrong with me, she either tells me to get over it or she just ignores me. I now find it hard to believe in my abilities to do a lot of things, because of this, and it's become difficult to be comfortable in public because I'm never comfortable at home. I just wanted to know, what can I do to help myself? What can I do to change this?
  • What do you worry most about?

    I am making a zine for the counseling center here at school that focuses on college students with anxiety disorders. I personally have G.A.D. and this has contributed to a lot of the content in the zine but I would like some outside input. I want this zine to help those who don't suffer from an anxiety disorder understand what its like. I often struggle to explain how it feels to my husband and my family. They don't understand why I can't just "calm down" or "chill out". I need some quotes ( you will remain anonymous of course) from you guys explaining your experiences, what you struggle with most, and what has helped you cope. I'm also looking for input on what images come to mind when you think about your anxiety. For example one of the spreads in the zine is a series of thumbnail images that slowly change from one image to the next to show a "white out". This is something that happens to me when I have a panic attack I white out instead of black out. I would greatly appreciate your contributions and I will post the zine on my profile when its completed. Thanks,
  • What is academic stress?

    Recently a lot of my friends and people that I know are talking about academic stress. I am little bit confused about this term. Does anyone know what is this?
  • What is Tourette Syndrome?

    What are the symptoms? Can it be treatable?
  • What kinds of art help you cope with anxiety?

    Hi all! Hope your day's been well. I'm just putting this question out the community. Are there any books, paintings, shows, characters--basically any specific kind of art--that you've discovered is helping you through anxiety? For me, and very surprisingly, it's been anime. I've found learning about this new form of entertainment has helped give me some creative focus outside of myself, and specifically the "slice of life" genre shows deal heavily with relationships and psychological issues. It's been very therapeutic for me to dive into an unexplored art form. Does anyone else out there have similar experiences with "finding" a new art to help you through anxiety? I'd love to hear your stories and any recommendations. Maybe if we all share some art that's stirred us into feeling better, we can all find even more to help us. For anime so far, I'd recommend the film "The Garden of Words" and the show "Kids on the Slope." Beautiful animation and lovely messages about friendship, love, and connection. Thanks for reading, and here's to sharing our Recovery Art :)
  • What should I do when something is bothering me?

    What should I do when something is bothering me so much that I can't stand myself and what I had done? It's made me feel worthless and sick to my stomach. Parents and close friends have asked what is wrong but I can't tell anyone.

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!