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  • does anyone else have racing thoughts?

    I get what I consider to be racing thoughts; I have times where I'm constantly thinking about something. The speed of it is similar to when you go on a vacation or something, and your excited.
    I'm just constantly on the go with my thoughts, going from one topic to the next, never seeming to stop, and I get annoyed with myself for it. If I were having a conversation with someone, I would be going on and on, and getting off subject; in fact it would barely be a conversation, because I would be wanting to do most of the talking.
    The things I think about aren't always negative; sometimes they are positive, but I overthink and it frustrates me.
    Is anyone else going through something similar?
  • How do I get the moderator to approve the groups I'm trying to make? I already tired to make 3

  • How do you stop your mind racing?

    What works for you? I can't seem to stop my mind and thoughts racing at all. The only time I have a bit of peace is when I'm asleep. It's actually driving me insane!
  • is thereanytrick orteqnique tomake anxiety go away forjust alittlebit?

    Every one says to think positive thoughts, that doesn't help when the negative ones over rule it. Every time my anxiety pops up I have to leave the room and get away. I need to stop hiding . Is there any possible trick or technique I can use in one of those anxiety moments so I won't hide?
  • It's 1 am and i'm rearanging my room

    So it's 1 am, I couldn't sleep, and I'm moving all my furniture around. I've already cleared everything off every surface, and thought I might wright this before I start heavy lifting. I have done this many times, and it's always late at night, when not a creature is stirring. Usually it's just a desk or dresser, but today it is my whole room, bed and all.(even though I freak out for about a month when my bed is moved before I get used to it) I feel oddly satisfied and accomplished whenever I do this, and this time is no exception. The thing is: I don't stop until I finish. And that is a problem for I am weak and small, meaning I am frustrated pulling and pushing these heavy objects, afraid of making noise so early in the morning or breaking something, I get tired quickly, and it takes a loooong time. Does anyone else go through this? What are your thoughts? Do you think I should quell the urge or is this a normal thing to do? And lastly, is it more harmful than helpful?
  • Monophobia- Fear of Being Alone

    Does anyone else suffer from monophobia (fear of being alone)? I have a terrible time sleeping at night in an empty house. Any suggestions?
  • Social anxiety around your sister?

    After two weeks of having anxiety about a weird thought I had centered around my sister, I'm finally starting to kick the weird thoughts. However, whenever I'm around my sister now, I have extreme social anxiety and don't even want to look her in the face. Will I eventually get over this? Would it cause more trouble if I told a parent?
  • What career option do I have in case of anxiety?

    I am suffering from anxiety disorder for the last two years.I am 22 now.a commerce graduate.My mind is always focusing on anxiety and everytime there are anxious thoughts running around and entire focus on anxiety.It does not allow me to focus on anything else except itself.My memory is just dead.and I am not able to recall things more often. I am just starving for relaxation, feelings and emotions. Anxiety has taken full control of my mind.I am not able to relate myself to present moment , to my surroundings.I am lost in my head all the time and cann't get out of my head and focus on present moment.At this time , I am in desperate need of some job or career because I am financially weak.How can I do this because My poor memory and lack of concentration are not allowing me to do any job or any business.and not having employment is just adding to my anxiety.It is a catch-22 sort of situation.Please guide me.I will be highly grateful to you.
  • Will my intrusive thoughts take over my body?

    I know intrusive thoughts seem and are ridiculous, but they're driving me so crazy that I feel it's possible that the intrusive thoughts will take over my body. Is this possible?


we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!