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  • Anxiety, Moods and just feeling flat. PLEASE HELP!

    Hey Guys, I am new here. And I am probably the worst when it come to going to the doctor about my symptoms. I know I suffer from major anxiety and have done for years. Panic attacks have somewhat calmed down and I am able to manage it. However 4 days ago, my husbands first time flying away in the mines and I became highly stressed days leading up to and 2 days after. It has made me feel tired, lifeless, dizzy, anxious, and overall low mood. I try to force myself to go to work, get kids ready for sports and so forth, I also find myself snapping and people and really overanalysing everything to the point where I get my stress levels elevated once again. However, prior to all of this, I seem to get this way for no reason either.. I am thinking it may be GAD?? And most of the time I have been excruciatingly anxious over my health, I think the absolute worst, that if I have a single symptoms, I think, what if I have cancer? My mind is playing total tricks on me, and at times due to all of this, I have recurrent negative thoughts that I feel as though I am going insane! It scares me even more and I get more anxious over the fact I feel this way cause I feel like I am going mental? Does that make sense? I am tired of it all. I refuse to take medication.... I have started on natural stuff to help me out. Brain fog is killing me, I feel so low and depressed. But yet I still go about my daily work? seems to come and go.. I also think its just part of having anxiety and worry and being highly stressed, also triggers this effect off as well. I also had 2 clients in my office (I am a banker) that have gone on about their children having major depression and the in depth detail - I become highly sensitive to all of this, I get depressed myself, I think its because I know I am prone to it? This is why I hate talking about this condition at times, it gets me all upset and feeling sad. I am felling like I am loosing control. :(
  • Does anyone else feel unreal and not with it all day long?

    I have been feeling unreal and not with it the last couple of days anyone else feel like this?
  • Does anyone keep a diary or journal? If so, does it help release pent up mental energy?

    Been thinking about starting a diary. It will put all my deepest darkest fears, desires, problems, etc on cold hard paper in black and white. Things I am not comfortable talking about to anyone else will have an escape from my mind. Maybe if I no longer bottle things in, my anxiety will no longer manifest into uncontrollable bouts of despair. Once filled, I plan to burn my diary to symbolically free me of the pains contained within. Might be a long shot but I am thinking it could be therapeutic in some sense. Anyone have experience with writing their feelings?
  • How do I not feel drained in my own home?

    Hey, so I just joined. Some back story for the above question: My husband and I invited a friend to move in with us about a year ago. This friend had just graduated college was kicked out of her parents home and was jobless. Now this friend has a job. All three of us have some mental health issues. I have anxiety/depression which I take medication for. My husband has some anger/paranoia which he goes to a counselor and therapist for. Our friend has depression. Anyway recently it seems like everyone is just tense. My husband and this friend at separate times come to me with near identical complaints about the other and how they won't listen, are toxic and manipulative etc. Additionally this friend is constantly complaining about how they don't have friends, how we don't care about them, how we never spend time with them. I am already incredibly drained from long unpredictable work hours and doings tasks all day long that tax my anxiety. Like public speaking, phone calls, open office environment, etc. When I get home I do try to be available for my friend but there works hours are even longer and more unpredictable than mine. However I just I feel like I am walking on eggshells in my own home. I don't know what to do. Does anyone have any advice or resources I can use?
  • I'm Exausted! I don't know what to do. Can you help me?

    I have recently started college in a new town where I don't know anyone, I love the college and the friends I have made are lovely. I am not a shy person (although I have my moments). Anyway, I haven't been into college for two weeks now, I'm waking up with morning sickness, throwing up, and tightness in my chest and throat and a crazy heartbeat.. On a normal day I can feel my heart beat and have a tight chest and have waves of sickness throughout the day. My diet is good, At night I sleep like a log (And for ages, like 12 hours is normal.) I'm quite a fearful person, I don't think I have extreme OCD, but I'm very particular about things, so its possible. I am also very claustrophobic to the point where being hugged or being in a building i feel i cant leave feels like I'm suffocating. I am currently having acupuncture, and just finished some hypnotherapy which I'm not convinced has worked. I know nothing about anxiety and how to cure or deal with it, or how to know what the problem it is, Can i be tested? shall I try Therapy? i don't know, I don't really want to start taking pills, but I need to move on with my life and this is really holding me back! Please help if you can.
  • I'm scared I might have DVT! (Deep vein thrombosis)

    I'm an 18 year old male and my leg has been hurting for like a week now a ton and sometimes I get chest pains to go with it. I know its bad to google symptoms with anxiety but I read and feel like I might have DVT (Deep vein thrombosis) My leg isn't swollen or feel hot to touch but it does hurt and I get chest and throat squeezing and pain. I got an ekg and cbc blood test two days ago and it came out as fine but I ended up reading online that those tests won't tell the doctors about DVT because it needs specfic test. Now for the worst part I learned that DVT can give you pulmonary emoblism where it kills your lungs with a clot so now im even more scared! I have nobody to take me or willing to take me to a hospital to get checked out because I complain to much they say. Im like too nervous to sleep afraid I'll die in my sleep but I haven't injured my leg and I tend to get up and move around a ton. I'm 18 years old and a guy am I being over dramatic and will I be okay?
  • pulsing feeling between my ribs, its ruining my life, help pls :(


    I have been dealing with this for years, I have hand tubes everywhere, scans and my dna sequenced but no one can tell me why I feel a pulse in between my ribs every time my heart beats. It is ruining my life. Its worse when I eat. I feel it all of the time. I cannot focus on anything. Is this a sign of anxiety? If so, can anyone help me?

    I am just about at my wits end, I have tried everything.

    If I don't get an answer soon I am afraid I am going to do something permanent to end my suffering. :(

    Help me pls.
  • Ringing of the ears

    So for the past day or so iv had a quiet but annoying ringing in my ear. Im only 19 and i started worrying whether it was tinnitus... is it just my anxiety making an appearance?
  • who else can relate to this, please?

    Honestly I dont know what to do anymore, im suffering mentally from these problems im having, I've had anxiety for 4 years now and in the last month somethings triggered it and its got worse and worse in the past month. I cant eat/sleep/drink I cant talk to anyone im scared to leave the house, im shaking, having muscle spazms, going really hot then really cold, everything feels surreal, im having horrible psychopathic thoughts, ive got a horrible burning sensation in my forehead and the back of my head, also my brain feels like its burning and vibrating, I feel like im becoming mentally ill due to all these feelings ive been having over the past month and these arnt on and off, they've been constant and I seriously cant take much more, has anybody experienced or experiencing what im feeling? Is there really hope and will things truthfully get better? Please tell me and dont say yes to make me feel better be truthful and helpful please! I cant take much more, seriously!
  • who has or is taking SDZ-VENLAFAXINE XR?

    My dr just put me on SDZ-VENLAFAXINE XR, and it makes me feel tired and blah. I was just wondering if anyone has had any problems with it, or just wanna talk about it :) Thanks


we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!