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Your favourite Sesame Street (or similar) character.

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Bob Discussion started by Bob 3 years ago

Whats your favourite Sesame Street character and why??

I really like Kermit but my favourite would have to be The Cookie Monster. I think i relate to him the most because he is "Not all there" in the head, but he knows himself and he is happy just being him with no hang ups.

And for me he was a turning point in my life when i first was diagnosed as being depressed. I had struggled for about a year feeling "Weird" and decided to change jobs. But when i started to work at the new job things just got worse, had a big argument with one boss and was thankfully allowed to leave that day with a bit of understanding and compasion. I walk from my job to my flat i lived in ,5 or 6kms, got home and really felt in a daze.

Weeks passed and i was having crying fits at nothing. Then one day i was watching a doco on Depression and then things started to get clearer. I started to understand what was happening to me and how i needed help to be "ME". The while i was pondering what i had just watched Sesame Street came on the TV, it was just background noise, Then the Cookie monster came on and started to sing a song called Me Got to be Blue to the tune of I've got to be Me. I was fixed to the screen and before i knew i was crying my eyes out, "Yes"i thought..I've got to be Blue like the cookie monster, i need help and i want to be ME.

The Cookie Monster may not be "All there" but he is very wise in my opinion.

Missy I've never really thought of it before. I guess when i was growing up i liked all of them. I never thought if i could relate to any of them. Sitting here now i don't think I do. Could be because I haven't watched that show in years. But nothing wrong with you relating to the cookie monster. I don't think I relate to anyone on tv. Who knows I may think of someone. 3 years ago
titchy None in sesame street but a couple of characters in muppet show, 1 Animal, 2 Waldo & Stadler the two old grumpy men, when I get in one of my bad moods my brother-inlaw says i remined him of them. that's nice isn't it. : ) 3 years ago
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