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how did I over-come my mental retardation?

Psychologists in different fields of practice have a hard time understanding how I did it. A Pediatrician, who has never seen any of her mentally challenged patients ever reach my level. People working with autistic children are lost when they see what I can do. I didn't have a mind to take me away from my activities. When a child learns how to say no, can't, or use the word "why" to get out of doing things. This will also sit them up for failure down the road. Such as to the reasons I can't learn, I'm not that smart, or I don't like....,
If, I had a higher functioning mind, I wouldn't be who I am today. I am 51 years old and still curious and fascinated about exploring new things. The people around I have known for years are still the same as they were 20 years ago. The day you stop listening to your thoughts. That will be the day you walk out of your shell.
Category: Anecdotes 10 years ago
Asked 10 years ago

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