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Did I do something wrong to someone, despite trying my best to be kind and respectful to them?

Kids at my school are okay, to my perspective. But i always feel like i annoy them, or bother them. Whenever i attempt to make a new friend, i'll try to act the best i can. (as in being kind, respectful, etc.) but, most of the time, they don't seem to return the favor. I feel like i shouldn't have a problem with this, maybe they're having trouble socializing. but, i feel like i did something wrong
Category: Advice 6 years ago
Asked 6 years ago

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If you don't mind me asking, what age of school is this...? Because if its around the early teen years... I don't know, to me when I was going through High School (like 13-16) it felt like everyone had already known people in their classes and therefore didn't need or want to socialise with anyone else. This may not help you, but it is how I managed to get past my feelings of always being annoying... I just, didn't interact with anyone unless they wanted me, because then they invite your input or conversation. Sorry this isn't very coherent, I'll try and make a better post later.
Answered 6 years ago

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