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Tomography or magnetic resonance? Can they help check /rule out other conditions o is it just my hipocondria talking?

Hi, first post here. I am female, in my 20s. With GAD since I was 4 (diagnosed until late teenage years, after at least 10 years trying to convince psychologists and doctors I was not O.K. A year ago I got into the “why do you doctors do not run tests on me!? “ wave. I have been on benzos and antidepressants since 2013, every day or I become Hyde and get super aggresive. (i also take a hell of a lot of other stuff to relief the physical pain of moving all the time, as well as vitamins and all that stuff) The things is... I did X-rays because I remember hiting my head so hard when I was 9 that it literally hurt for years... touching it was like a baby soft spot. But the X rays showed nothing wrong with my skull. (Only unrelated sinuses problems) I got an Electro Encephalogram. Which showed prefrontal cortex activity way below standards. Besides all the GAD and MDD usual symptoms, -I sometimes stutter, or forget the name of regular things -I get OCD episodes (i ocd about certain things for a couple of weeks). -I get memory loss -I do not remember faces... specially of people i met the last year, i see them again and the only reason why i know they know me is because they talk to me. I also have some other things that I dont know if are “normal” for GAD or MDD, but are things I do. -I always wear the same clothes. (Same leather jacket , have at least 3 pairs of the very same shoes. And my other pairs have also duplicates and the different model are all similar with one another. Only 100% cotton shirts) - I can only write on 90% whiteness paper, anything else bothers me. It has to be at least 65grams/m^2. As tou can see I have a bad time trying to explain myself because all my thoughts are running at the same time. The thing is : If my prefrontal cortex does not work as it should. Why doctors dont even bother to order/check a TAC ? Why do they assume it has to be my anxiety? Has anyone here had their brain scanned? I have been reading thing in PubMed, there is a paper on Neuroimaging for Anxiety Dissorders. Anyway, I just want to rule out a tumor or Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
Category: Advice 5 years ago
Asked 5 years ago

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