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Why do I cry?

I am not shore what is going on with me. My energy is low, I cry for no reason. Mood is changing like a traffic light. My sister tells me that I have depression and anxiety. I do not have some special problem, could this be some phase or she is right?
Category: Symptoms 11 years ago
Asked 11 years ago

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i had the same experience when i was first diagnosed with depression. I remember crying for no reason at some of the most silly things. then one day i saw a program on tv about people with depression and saw myself in the stories people where talking about. I went to my doctor, explained how i felt and he to agreed that i had clinical depression and prescribed medication. Knowing what was going on was a huge relief..i now had a name to how i was feeling and could better deal with it.
Answered 11 years ago

I agree with Bob, your symptoms indicate that you may be suffering from depression and, as it continues without relief, this very often gives rise to anxiety. Symptoms associated with depression, however, may sometimes have an organic cause and I would strongly advise you to consult with a doctor before committing to any one treatment option. All the best.
Kevin Patton
Answered 11 years ago
Kevin Patton

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