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Anyone has experienced this?

Ok, i got really nervous today, i wanted to try and take just benzos at night, and lexapro after breakfast (doctor said 1/2 tablet of bromazepam every 12 hours and lexapro after breakfast) but being the weather over here hot, and this weird feeling of not being tired since i started with my anxiety/panic attack outbreak, it´s really breaking me apart.

I don´t know if its the secondary effects of the meds, or the fact that im not sleeping on my own bed, in my own room ( i have to share the bedroom with my dad and my sis because we are taking care of my grandmother at her house), it´s hot at night, my father snoring all getting crazy !

Since i started with this horrible panic attacks / OCD thoughts and started taking anti depressants, if i sleep well or not at night, i can´t really feel it because i have these strange sensation all the god damn day! I know i sleep at least some hours because i remember my dreams, then wake up because of noises in the room ( someone going to the bathroom, cars outside, etc),and sleep/dreaming a little again. I wake up at least like 3 times at nights... I told my doctor about this but he just said i was gonna have some negative effects the first weeks ( today just marks my first week of treatment) and also that i never experienced anxiety this much and it´s all a result of my mind... but im getting scared...

So, i ask you guys, is it normal to not experience being tired physically and mentally while having a lot of anxiety and taking meds?
Category: Symptoms 9 years ago
Asked 9 years ago

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