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Presentation anxiety

Hi, I have a presentation to give next week in front of around 25 people. I am totally paralysed with fear that I am going to mess up/ not even be able to speak due to nerves. I have avoided presentations in the past, and now my fear is only worse! I do not know how to go about this, I would be immensely grateful for some advice. Thank you! Tash
Category: Social Anxiety 5 years ago
Asked 5 years ago

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I was a terrified speaker in the past, but now after teaching several classes no more. What I do to overcome the fear... Concentrate only on the subject of what you are speaking. Instead of fearing how you look or how you sound think only of what you are teaching. You want them to understand and feel what you are teaching. Immerse yourself in your subject and covey your interest of your subject to your audience. Everything else will follow naturally. The key to overcoming fear is to let go of past nagging worries and negative experiences also to let go of future expectations. If you can push out worries of past and future, feel love and compassion and peace for yourself and others and fill yourself with this love and peace. Present in this state of mind and think only of your message and express your interest and enthusiasm for your message. You are amazing and already are an incredible speaker. It just has to be naturally and peacefully and confidently released.
Answered 5 years ago

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