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How can i stop my anxiety when i eat out

so every time i go out to eat or just eat with friends and my boyfriend i got so anxious that i just cant eat. it turns my stomach and makes me so nauseous that i just cant do anything and i am getting tired of this.
Category: Social Anxiety 7 years ago
Asked 7 years ago

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Hi Minnylupus Well done for getting out there in the first place. I would agree with Chasingtriggerz. Eat something before you go or when you get back and just find something small you can nibble on. If you can face it, tell those you're with about the problem. Most restaurants don't mind if you just order a starter or a side dish especially if you are eating with others who are ordering full portions. Maybe you could try hypnosis if you haven't already. I guess the key thing is to work on reducing your social anxiety levels generally. Maybe if your self-confidence / self-esteem are low - working on those areas might reduce your anxiety in social situations. Good luck and keep going! Pandahugs x
Answered 7 years ago

Hi MinnyLupus, I also have anxiety when eating out. I often feel like my throat gets tight and I am going to choke when I swallow a bite. I don't have a perfect answer, but I can share what I have been trying. I have decided recently that rather than avoid the social scene, I will confront it head-on but with modifications. When I am out, I order the smallest but most palatable item on the menu. I figure I can eat something more filling when I am home. In trying to not let anxiety win, I have found myself on occasion getting distracted enough during dinner to forget I even have the anxiety, but when anxiety wins at least I don't have a large plate of food to tackle so I feel less anxious about that. Best wishes to you =)
Answered 7 years ago

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