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Help with basic social skills?

First off I'll admit my social skills are....borderline nonexistent. I've only had one friend outside of the internet back in third grade, none in middle school, and I've done online schooling all through high school. Now that I'm forced to do college classes in person, and my social anxiety has brought me to a point where I want to make some attempts to improve it, I want to take this opportunity to pursue those goals. My problem is, and I'll be blunt about this...I don't really know where to start or how to communicate with people normally outside of the internet. I've been doing classes for around a month and since I haven't been able to communicate with any of them, I'm done a lot of people watching and have actually learned quite a bit. For one, I noticed that from middle school to this day, I always thought that everyone already knew each other and their first meetings happened in discrete places alone. I've come to realize that people just ACT like the best of friends from the day they first meet- something I couldn't possibly imagine myself doing. They talk loud, make jokes, and laugh, all from the first meeting... So my question is: how do you break the ice and 'set the trap' for future intimacy on your first meeting with somebody? More specifically, what are some of your personal experiences? How did you meet your friends, what did you say when you first saw each other, did you feel a 'spark' when you first met, what do you think lead to friendship versus a one-time-meeting, etc. Anything that you think will help me better idealize what a normal conversation is like. Thanks
Category: Social Anxiety 6 years ago
Asked 6 years ago

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