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Klonopin as an "as needed" support to Prozac?

Anyone taking Klonopin as a support to Prozac (or similar)? I use it "as needed", and I find that it works very well to even me out when my anxiety level spikes. I'd been very cautious about Benzo's because I'm a recovering alcoholic. Still a little wary, and eager to hear others experience.
Category: Medication 6 years ago
Rex the Dinosaur
Asked 6 years ago

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Rex, I do, in addition to remeron which is similar to prozac. I take .5 to 1mg usually after a bad night of sleep or when I feel my anxiety is building. I don't get panic attacks, fortunately. I also find it very useful and it gives me some piece of mind. I think you are smart to be cautious of it because like other benzo's it has addictive qualities. On average I use it once a week. Sometimes I will go a few weeks or more without using it and sometimes I will use it 1-2 times a week.
Answered 6 years ago

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