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I've been having speaking anxiety since 8th!

Not sure what caused this but I get anxious and have panic attacks since 8th grade when speaking in front of a group of people. I'm now 40 and see no end in site..At times I've been able to hide it from people but now its affecting my life and my job. How do I stop this fear!!
Category: Anxiety 9 years ago
Asked 9 years ago

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I struggle with this as well and have for sometime. I am able to make it through some social situations or speaking engagements but now and then it is a challenge. What helped me was to make an effort to talk in front of a group of friends or family about a topic that I was very familiar with. This way the anxiety of feeling stupid wouldn't be there because I knew I was comfortable with the content. Then once you are able to have everyday conversations with those around you with little to no anxiety, then begin trying this with conversations with strangers or people you barely know. Hope this helps.
Answered 9 years ago

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