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Anyone have any advice on how to stop shaking, freaking out, and fearing the worst over nothing all the time..? Like my parents always, ALWAYS ask to see my phone and even though I know I have nothing to hide it becomes hard to breath when they're reading my texts or looking through my pictures. I just get scared because no matter what I do for them I never feel good enough and they always find something I do wrong when I think it's nothing..
Category: Anxiety 6 years ago
Asked 6 years ago

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Take 2 Klonopins / Clonezepam and talk to them. If you can tell them.. look, I'm so so old and always been responsible. I never had anything to hide but you guys are making me anxious and you're going to make me end up going to see a psychologist. (and if you go see a psychologist, blame your parents.. :P ). Besides, you look like a teen.. ? They have no business looking at your phone. Period.
Answered 6 years ago

(my advice that doesn't include meds) - when you heart races, and you body begins to shake because you are freaking out, you can literally start jogging in place or doing an exercise that tries to immediately match what your inner body is doing. basically - your body does this because freaking out creates adrenaline. if you physically match the adrenaline, then when you stop to catch your breath, your body thinks the adrenaline is over and is now convinced that it is time to relax and calm down. i do this and it definitely helps. yeah maybe other people will be judgemental, but i've seen other people do lunges while walking in the airport, whether it be for anxiety or because they are fitness people and they're trying to get a workout in. in my personal opinion, when you accept the way that it feels, the less of a panic you will have. fighting it will make it so much worse. another technique that i've used is to hold your breath for as long as you reasonably can, and then breathe out very slowly. this will forcefully make your heart and body calm down. hope these help!
Answered 6 years ago

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