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Is anyone disappointed with their body?

Is anyone unhappy with their body? I'm 26 and still don't like my breasts, especially that they're big. It just had to run in the family. I always wanted to be flat-chested and I get jealous when I see a woman with no boobs or barely at all. I think I started developing them at the age of 12, but I didn't get my first bra until I turned 13. By the time I had to get a bra, I cried. My mom didn't understand why I was so upset. I'm fine being a woman, I suppose. I don't want to go through surgery to become a man. I'd rather consider myself as a tomboy. I prefer to wear boy's clothes and a suit instead of a dress. I never liked dresses or anything frilly. I also don't like to wear tank tops or v-necks. It's hard for me to try to ignore my breasts. It bothers me and makes me self-conscious while I get more worried thoughts about what other people think. I'm also sensitive that my breasts touch my skin without a bra or the desk when I'm trying to focus on homework. I constantly wonder if anyone had noticed. I'd be happier with a flat-chest.
Category: Anxiety 4 years ago
Asked 4 years ago

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Hi! Yes! You know sometimes it gets to you especially if your a female; I think every girl wishes to have a body fix ( I'll say) but I guess you go for what makes you happy as long it's not harmful. Am 21 yrs old (female) and am the opposite I wish my boobs are big because am flat chested so it's the other way around with you; so I guess people want what they don't have. If it's a problem your having with your chest; like breathing well , feeling heaviness on chest, you should talk to your doctor. ✌️
Answered 4 years ago

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