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What would you guys consider to be a toxic relationship? I don't know if I might have one and I think it's affecting my anxiety and panic attacks.

I've been in this relationship for 3 years but the last year has been very emotionally draining and very hard on my anxiety and he has his issues as well. Is being with someone who has issues as well good or bad? I feel hopeless sometimes.
Category: Anxiety 4 years ago
Asked 4 years ago

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I was in one until 4 weeks ago. Started off great he knew all my problems. Was fine. Till he got me where he wanted. Couldn't contact anyone. To agoraphobic to go outside. He kept telling me I was lucky he put up with me and my illnesses then started abusing me little by little. It wasn't fault he had to shove me over, it was my fault he had to grab hold of me. It all seemed normal. I swear two minutes after leaving him 90% of my anxiety left. Gone. Never felt happier with myself and never been so relaxed.
Answered 4 years ago

I met my husband 25 years ago....he too was so sweet at almost everything about me...knew about my anxiety and depression....but never truly understood it....after I became pregnant with our first child he turned into a monster...he had me right where he wanted me...I tried to leave and go back to live with my mother...he grabbed ahold of my arm as I was going out the door and said dont think that you will ever be able to be with anyone else if you leave me....I was afraid for my I after actually leaving once and having him arrested and forced him to live with his mother...we are back together anxiety and depression has never been worse as it is now...when I had those brief times out from under his control I was so happy...happier then I ever had been soul felt free once again.....but I had to go back because I lost my job and I was pregnant and since he cut me off from all family and friends I had no one else to turn to but was like he had it all planned once again I have no family except for my children....and I dream of how wonderful it would be to be out from under his control....but my resources are even more limited then before....So yes....I do believe a toxic relationship effects your anxiety and depression.....I have never felt worse.....waiting for the day that this nightmare is finally over.....
Answered 4 years ago

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