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Does anyone keep a diary or journal? If so, does it help release pent up mental energy?

Been thinking about starting a diary. It will put all my deepest darkest fears, desires, problems, etc on cold hard paper in black and white. Things I am not comfortable talking about to anyone else will have an escape from my mind. Maybe if I no longer bottle things in, my anxiety will no longer manifest into uncontrollable bouts of despair. Once filled, I plan to burn my diary to symbolically free me of the pains contained within. Might be a long shot but I am thinking it could be therapeutic in some sense. Anyone have experience with writing their feelings?
Category: Anxiety 6 years ago
Asked 6 years ago

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I kept a journal for a very long time, the only negative thing i felt about is when i would think about my life and the things i was writing everyday it was something very negative and painful. like "panic attack today, people judging me today..." etc. So it almost got me into a routine of obsessing over "what bad thing can i write about today" for this journal, (because my journal was too bad for me to ever have written something good in it) the bad overwhelmed the good so it actually started making me not focus on the good anymore.... but that was just my experience. I stopped writing down all the negative things i was thinking and feeling and the best advice ever for me was to just let it go. truly let things go if they're hurting you. I would suggest making an anonymous instagram page and writing poetry that others can relate to. Turn your negative feelings into art. Post it and follow people and ignore any negative feedback but listen to the positive feedback because even if its social media, in a time of loneliness and crisis it helps immensely having social support just like this website.
Answered 6 years ago

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