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I'm really afraid and alone at this ppoint. Is there someome out there who would talk to like i have a friend for once?

So i got this problem. I know i have social anxiety since the age of twelve. Im sixteen now and just got diagnosed with depression. I'm to afraid to tell anybody because a lot of people tell me im just shy and i dont have a real problem. Im also told alot im just seaking attention. I just want someone who inderstands my problems and listens to me but doesnt always puts attention on my problems
Category: Anxiety 4 years ago
Asked 4 years ago

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I started with suicidal thoughts at 13, after always being a happy, confident child. That's the year I entered puberty which I think triggered some chemical imbalance in my brain. I struggled with feelings of worthlessness and continued suicidal thoughts, with a near constant underlying thread of what I now recognize as social anxiety, until I started taking antidepressants in my 20's. Spent many years in therapy, too. The suicidal thoughts went away, thank God, but I'm 46 now and still suffer from near crippling SA. Currently it's ruining a new job i started 4 mos ago, and I can't seem to get a handle on it. Talking with other people who feel like we do has to help. On the surface I can seem like I have it together - I'm friendly, intelligent, compassionate, close with my small family, a devoted mother to 2 children (9 and 14), have good friends - but the slightest thing can set me off and I just am filled with feelings of self-loathing, isolation, loneliness, anxiety, anger. I have a strong faith in God, too, but even that doesn't always help me. I hate feeling like I'm out of step with "normal" people, feeling like I don't fit it. I feel like I'm trapped in a well of despair. I'm sorry you're suffering. You're not alone. I care.
Answered 4 years ago

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