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My mind is stuck on a bad memory. Someone help me

Many years ago, a family member and I did something, and ten years later, I told another family member about it, and for the past year, I was afraid that blocking the memory, and trying to avoid telling the family member that another family member knows was gonna lead to something bad. Now, looks like paranoia has got to me. I have talked to people, and still, this memory is CLOGGING me up. I cannot have an empty mind, because the memory is filling up everything. Even when I focus on something else, it goes back to the stupid memory. It's been 3 days, and it feels like I'm going crazy, as I don't just want to focus on the stupid memory. I can't stop focusing on it. Please someone help. Will this stop, is this normal? Why can't I clear my mind?!
Category: Anxiety 6 years ago
Asked 6 years ago

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When this bad memory comes up have you tried to think of something postive? I heard that when something negative pops up in your head try to do something that makes you happy or think something postive usually helps. But you have to do it everytime it comes up. It may sound weird but that's the way you retrain your brain.
Answered 6 years ago

try to remember you see and feel hypothetically 5% of whats going on inside of your head. You can literally reprogram it and it looks like your emotions are getting in the way of your thinking and functioning. Don't feel guilty no matter how bad it is, tell yourself that you're sorry, you were young, and it was a learning experience. I would bet anything that every single person on this website can relate to doing something bad or something they regret especially while they were younger. it's the past and you can't change it and in order to be happy and healthy you must accept it and stop dwelling on it. Dwelling causes depression because we want to change the things that are set in stone. The past doesn't exist anymore and the future doesn't exist yet so try one day and one minute at a time to let it go. We are all human and we all have secrets and things. Forgive yourself because you're not perfect, no one is!
Answered 6 years ago

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