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Partner who makes worse?

Does anyone have a partner/spouse who does things that makes the anxiety worse? For example, my husband of 18 years gets upset whenever I have trouble making a decision, but when I do make a decision even if it does not directly affect him, he will point out how it was wrong or not the right decision. That leads to crippling anxiety over even the smallest things even like what to eat or when to go to the store. Which in turn makes him mad because I can't make a decision which starts the cycle over again. I am danged if I do and danged if I don't. It is hard enough with anxiety and depression but this new thing he has started is making everything unbearably difficult for me and worsening my depression and anxiety even further. Suggestions on how to got through this?
Category: Anxiety 4 years ago
Asked 4 years ago

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If you want my honest opinion Mssentimental. You need to put your foot down, or talk to someone else who can do it for you, it sounds like borderline abuse, you struggle making decisions which gets him mad, but if you do make a decision, he gets mad at you for making 'that' decision. It might not be what you want to hear, but you need to give him an ultimatum... tell him that either he grows up and starts supporting you like he swore to do when he married you, or if he doesn't intend on treating you like a wife and supporting you, you're getting out of the marriage.
Answered 4 years ago

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