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I can't take my anxiety anymore.

I don't know why I never listen to anybody..why do I have to trigger myself so much? So, I watched that Universal Death Clock video. It's a guy talking about how he created a Minecraft stage that outlasts the universe. What makes me so depressed about this is NOT because of the universe ending, or the whole "no one will remember you" Thing. It's the fact that he TIMED the universe. Now, the universe has no time, and both everyone and the universe never end. Heck, I do believe another Big Bang can happen. It's just the fact that he TIMED everything, which makes me feel trapped in this world. Makes me feel like the universe and us is a giant time limit we can't escape. No matter what we do, time is still declining. Now, I'm sure somewhere in my head, I'm taking this TOO literally, and I'm being depressed over nothing. Heck, somewhere in my head, I Believe all of my anxiety will lead me somewhere good in the future, and I'm learning from every experience. but it's just..why is it so hard to leave the future alone? Why can't I just relax for once? I've spent months starting to become calm, only for me to get worse again. I'm just sick of this anxiety, and the worse part is, I'm doing it to myself. I don't know how I will get over this one, but it's just..I'm surprised I made it this far in life without commiting myself. Why can't I just live my life without worry?! Did I tell you I'm Autistic? Sometimes, I wish I wasn't, because I feel like I can accept everything, and ignore all of this. But no, it's been building up for two weeks, and it's led to this. WHY CAN'T EVERYTHING BE ALRIGHT?!!
Category: Anxiety 4 years ago
Asked 4 years ago

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