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How to stop feeling bad?

Hi everyone, just joined the club. Probably one of the most asked question here I guess. I'm very confused with what's happening to me, I'm having rashes all over my body and panic attacks very often for what seems to be no reason. I keep being sick, throat pain, UTI, stomach pain... a whole bunch of stuff that I don't understand. I'm usually not an anxious person, it's very recent to me but it's starting to be severe and it scares me. I don't really know what to do, who should I see, what should I do? Thank you for your help
Category: Anxiety 4 years ago
Asked 4 years ago

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Start by scheduling an appointment with your primary doctor, ask about psychotherapy, medication(if you want any, your choice), and get contacts to support groups. Go out for walks, practice deep breathing(I recommend checking out a youtuber by the name of Elliot Hulse), and stay positive, realize that you're not alone and there are others out there that feel the same way you do and it's perfectly normal with anxiety.
Answered 4 years ago

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