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Hello, I am a social work masters student at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. I am taking a class on mental, emotional, behavior disorders and have chosen to focus on agoraphobia in particular. I struggled with agoraphobic symptoms during my undergraduate years and have been living with social anxiety my whole life. In studying this unique disorder, I would love the opportunity to hear from you, particularly if you have suffered or are currently suffering from agoraphobia. I am open to all experiences and would be honored to hear your story and how you have sought to find meaning and healing through enduring a disorder that often carries much hopelessness. If you would be willing to talk to me, I a open to communicating via whatever method you are most comfortable with, whether phone, email, or chat. If you would feel more authentic communicating your experience through another means, such as a poem, journal entry, or other ways you have sought to make sense of your experience, I would be honored to receive these as well. I look forward to hearing your story. Thank you :) Kristen
Category: Anxiety 4 years ago
Asked 4 years ago

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I was the quiet kid at school, never bothered to talk to the person sitting next to me in class. I was always asked to see the school speech therapist because the teacher thought I was autistic but I actually have social anxiety instead. Other kids would make fun of me and I never had the guts to stand up to them. I would stay at the library during lunch time and just do my homework. I never played a sport or joined any school clubs, I just go home after school was over. Then I went to college and I stayed at the dorms. My roommates were nice but I was still uncomfortable around them, I avoided them and they thought that I didn't like them and hated me for it. Then I told them why I avoided them and they told me to live in a single dorm if I don't feel comfortable. I felt so bad and depressed I wanted to drop out of college and move back home but my mom pushed me to stay in college. I eventually finished college and got my arts degree to pursue a career in graphic design, but couldn't find a job for it. I ended up working at a grocery store so I can pay bills. I hoped to get a better job but it never happened.
Answered 4 years ago

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