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am i just exaggerating?

i went to the doctor because i wanted some advice but the "doctor" only almost made it worse.. i told him about intrusive thoughts/depersonalisation and he was like...,maybe there's something else bubblind under the surface? perhaps some other illness because i've never heard of depersonalisation and intrusive thoughts"..... what the actual hell?? he literally thinks that anxiety "is just panic and fear!!" for heaven's sake i felt so angry and i still am.. i went there to find some help about disorientation but all he did was give me false/misleading advice and told me that he'll refer me to a specialist because it seems more serious .... i'm so angry at his unprofessionalism am i just exaggerating?
Category: Anxiety 4 years ago
Asked 4 years ago

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Sorry you had this experience. It seems you have a very ignorant doctor. What specialist did he refer you to? Perhaps if it was someone in the psychology field, you may actually get help from his referral.
Answered 4 years ago

That sucks. I don't think you're exaggerating. I think some doctors don't understand or know how to treat people with these issues. I had a therapist that wouldn't talk. He typed everything over his computer screen while I sat there. It was very impersonal. It definitely didn't help make me more comfortable talking about my issues either. And this was just his preferred method. It wasn't like he had any personal or physical issues keeping him from actually talking. I also had a therapist stop me in the middle of a session because she needed to move her car (for some reason). Then there was the one who upon meeting me asked me not to wear cologne to the office because some of the other doctors had sensitive noses. You may go through a few doctors or therapists and what not before finding one that you are comfortable with that actually understands you. Don't let the bad or uncomfortable moments prevent you from seeking help, though. There are some really good and caring professionals out there and sometimes it just takes a few tries before you find one.
Answered 4 years ago

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