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Objectively, am I a failure?

I've been feeling very low lately. Professionals I've spoken to say this is because my anxiety gets in the way of my ambitions, and it frustrates me into depression. I feel like I'm a loser. I have a fiance, a big house, and a Master's degree, and I'm about to do a second MSc. However, I don't have a good job (just admin), the reason I don't have to worry about money is because my fiance earns a lot more than me. I've committed myself to three more years of uni, which will hopefully give me the chance of a better career, but I'll be 29 when I'm finished. I feel sometimes I can be unpleasant to people around me, due to my frustration. Is this normal? Can other people relate to this feeling of failure?
Category: Anxiety 3 years ago
Asked 3 years ago

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Well let's see... You have a Master's degree, if you were a failure (objectively) you would've failed out of getting a Masters so you're already not a failure. As for being unpleasant to people due to frustration, I think everybody is like that, you get frustrated with something and you lash out at whoever comes near you, so that's a pretty normal thing. As for you being 29 when you finish, so what? You'll be 29 with great job opportunities as opposed to someone who only went through basic education or dropped out and started flipping burgers at 18. You'll earn more in 1 year than they would earn in 10
Answered 3 years ago

Yeah I can relate to you and in my opinion your way more successful than me in life. It took me more than 6 1/2 years to complete a 4 year course in the University. As far as being mean to people do some belly breathing or some 1-10 minute mindful meditation on YouTube. Then do some drip 10 boxing by NateBowers on YouTube to get the aggression/frustration out of you. These sorts of exercises along with breathing exercises will certainly reduce adrenaline in your system and creates endorphin(the happy hormone) .This will help you manage with anxiety.
Answered 3 years ago

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