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medical marijuana for relief?

Really wondering about use of medical marijuana for relief. I have used lexapro and do have relief, along with therapy. I have recently been using marijuana, and feel incredible relief, as if I could just cry, my stomach and chest are not being squeezed by a vice all the time. The two days a week i do not use, the tightness around my diaphram begins, I become tense, short tempered, emotionally unstable and morbidly self accusatory. I want to be sure I am not using the pot for the wrong reasons, but the relief I feel is beyond belief. I have only been using regularly for 6 weeks, the last three weeks starting about noon. I am married, 62 yr old female in very good health otherwise.
Category: Anxiety 3 years ago
Asked 3 years ago

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Swim tried pot bownies because friends had some. SWIM realized that trying little bites every two days felt waaay better than meds. Somehow more focused, no anxiety. Swim ate a brownie in two weeks (it was big). Swim wishes it was legal in Swim’s state. Swim has hope.
Answered 3 years ago

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