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17 year old guy with crazy anxiety.

Hello, All my life I have had problems with worrying about things. I tend to worry about everything. Not like geniune fear, but every little thing irks me. Anytime I have the slightest tingling or pain I think that I have cancer, I am always bothered by friends' sarcasm because I feel that they really mean it etc... All in all, it was never too big a problem. To change the subject, I am a huge singer. I love it more than anything in the world, however around 6 months ago I encountered vocal problems. I had difficulty singing and even speaking normally for all 6 months, which brought on depression and spiked my anxiety. I even had my first panic attack during this time period, which was a terrifying and awful experience (I haven't had any more to date). All in all, deep in the back of my mind I always tried to remember that as soon as I got my voice back all of this will go away. Well, as of now I am getting my voice back and am near a full recovery, however the problem is that my depression and anxiety seem to have stayed. I am happy with my friends and love to be with them, but it feels like any time that I'm alone I feel just awful. Depressed about life and depressed about everything. Sometimes I'll just find myself crying alone at night wondering why life has been so awful. My anxiety has remained at the same level; constantly worrying about every little thing. I am extremely hard on myself, and incredibly self critical. As I near the end of my junior year at the private school that I attend, I don't even know if I'm going to make it to the end (not suicide). I am so stressed, so anxious, so depressed and so tired that I sometimes can't even think straight (like right now, where I can't focus on my history paper and instead am writing about my problems). If anyone, at all, has any advice for a struggling adolescent with anxiety please lend a hand. I am scared to take medication because I feel like it would be wrong. I don't like the idea of using medication to boost my mood because then I am not true to myself. Again, thank you for listening, any sort of advice would be much appreciated...
Category: Anxiety 4 years ago
Asked 4 years ago

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Love, Don't stress yourself.
Answered 4 years ago

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