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What should i do ?

When i was 13 years old i was diagnosed OCD (Obsessive–compulsive disorder) , years later i started to experience anxiety/panic attacks related to the fear that i may die ( for countless/stupid reasons ). I was afraid of going out of my house, i didn´t want to eat, i was constantly checking my pulse, had problems to sleep, etc. but usually, those "feelings" disappeared over time). The problem is, that months / years later, those "fears" come back and i have to deal with that everytime, but now, these panic attacks have been extremely terrible. Because of a stomach ache i got 3 weeks ago ( the time this "fears" came back" ) i was starting to worry, at first i could sleep, eat, go out without problem, but then the stomach ache started to get worse, and i started to think more about it. I don´t know what to do, i´ve told my mother about this ( she is a family medicine doctor ) and gave me medicine for that, however, i don´t know if what im experiencing are really panic/anxiety attacks or it´s something else.. and thats what isn´t letting me live the way i used to. What should i do ?
Category: Anxiety 10 years ago
Asked 10 years ago

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