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What are forms of positive reinforcement that you may use if you have a bad day or week that potientially makes you feel like you're not making any progress over anxiety? How do you get yourself out of the negative storm of thoughts and nay-saying?

What methods do you use or what activities do you take part in to remind yourself that you are moving forward when you feel like you are not getting any better or regressing into a worse state?
Category: Anxiety 10 years ago
Asked 10 years ago

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For me it's music and t.v. shows that can pull me out of my funk (sometimes). There are certain songs/soundtracks that can take me to a different mood. There are also certain shows/scenes that I can watch and it can either inspire me to feel a bit happier or stronger depending on what I am watching/listening to. There are also good memories of past events. But sometimes those can end up making me sad or nostalgic rather than happy. It really depends but I have a few tricks that I can sometimes use to help make me feel better. Than again sometimes I just have to ride the mood out and try to make sure there is as little lashing out as possible on my end. But I do find that music, especially, has an effect on my moods.
Answered 10 years ago

Keep a positivity notebook. I write compliments I receive, you can put quotes, lists, coping skills that have helped, mini journal-type entries of a little blurb about something good you did or that happened, gratitude lists, anything you want as long as it's nothing negative. Be creative. Look back on it when you are feeling low. Really FOCUS on the positive because with anxiety and depression, it is in the nature of the disease for your mind to automatically try to fixate on the negative. You must consciously break that cycle. I started doing this then recommended it to several people, I even handed out little notepads to all the members of a group I attended. All who have actually done it have seemed to find some benefit in it. :)
Answered 10 years ago

Fully agree with lovable_ish! Write down your successes! No matter how small, write them down while you're still feeling like a boss, and really try to convey that feeling. Then when you have a setback, you'll have tons of reminders of how far you've come! :)
Answered 10 years ago

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