advice getting over lack of motivation

I have alot of fear and lack of motivation even when not in the middle of an anxiety/panic attack, after work i just wantto go home and stay hidden ( i work at a very slow gas kiosk that is pre-pay so its not like i talk with alot of people during my shifts cause they just pay at the pumps ) and the weekends uhg its such a task to get out of the house even just for a walk around the block. Even the idea of tiding my place enough to make me feel better about it just drains me.. What are your experiances with pushing yourself to do the nessasary things to improve your motivation/feeling?
Category: Anxiety one year ago
Asked one year ago

I have found that making a "to do" list of things I need or want to do helps to get me motivated. It somewhat holds myself accountable.
Answered one year ago

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